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Sobering Finds in Most Comprehensive Study Ever on Antarctic Ice Loss - 7 views

  • Scientists are calling it the most complete picture ever of ice loss on the southern continent.
    • piemann39
      With the heat in the last wee, it is time for business to start accepting this new reality and take the necessary steps to reduce emissions
  • Antarctica was melting at a steady rate — one-fifth of a millimeter per year — before 2012, when the rate suddenly tripled and stayed at that pace. The current melt rate is now faster than at any time over the past quarter century.
    • piemann39
      Polar Bear starved a few months ago because the the glaciers were no longer stocked with seals.
  • Their findings showed that the decisions we make over the next decade will determine whether or not Earth is locked into an additional 3 feet of sea level rise.
    • piemann39
      Watch an Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore)
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