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Dora Hawkins

National Library of Virtual Math - Grades K-12 - 10 views

    A digital library containing Java applets and activities for K-12 mathematics
    The use of virtual manipulatives help students visualize relationships and applications in virtual learning environments.
alyssa_calhoun - interactive charts online! - 7 views

  • tears down the complexity of online visualizations - offers simplicity, ubiquity and interactivity instead.
Bea Cantor

::::: ::::: Interactive Geometry - 2 views

shared by Bea Cantor on 22 Apr 09 - Cached
    interactive, visual representations of concepts
Dave Powers

NCTM Online - The Unofficial National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Online Member ... - 1 views

    Since there is no official member online network, why not join the unofficial network.
Stein Brunvand

Ideas to Inspire - 0 views

    This site has a nice collection of ideas in the form of Google Docs presentations on how you can use different technologies and tools in your teaching.
Sandra Mihalko

Historical and Cultural Contexts - 3 views

    variety of interactive sites
    Many interactive activities on numerous subjects: Math, English, History, Science and more.
Elaine Higuera

Common Core Lesson Resource - 31 views

    "In a brave new world of learning, OER content is made free to use or share, and in some cases, to change and share again, made possible through licensing, so that both teachers and learners can share what they know. Browse and search OER Commons to find curriculum, and tag, rate, and review it for others."
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    Open Educational Resources: Free-to-Use teaching & learning content from around the world
    Free-to-use teaching and learning content from around the world.
    Find Free to Use Teaching and Learning Content from around the world
    The revolution will not be televised!
    ELA, Math, SS, Science, Art, etc. Create a free account, save lessons, upload lessons, etc. Searchable by subject or grade level.
Carol Roth

Interactivate: Activities - 6 views

    Huge number of choices. Could be great with IWB use.
anonymous - 25 views

    A superb worksheet generator. Browse and customise great looking sheets for English, maths, geography and more. The sheets come with answer keys and are ready to download as a PDF and print in just a few clicks.
    Instantly prints worksheets according to the specifications your check as long as they are for educational purposes.
Marc Patton

MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching - 22 views

    provides over 20,000 learning materials categorised into seven main areas: Arts, Business, Education, Humanities, Mathematics and Statistics, Science and Technology\n, Social Sciences.
    Repository of learning objects and materials, multidisciplinary, and includes information literacy instruction.
    Putting Educational Innovations Into Practice Find peer reviewed online teaching and learning materials. Share advice and expertise about education with expert colleagues. Be recognized for your contributions to quality education.
Joanna Gerakios

PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations - 5 views

    online physical science simulations and other activities.
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