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Nigel Coutts

Making the best use of our time with Google Forms - The Learner's Way - 39 views

    Teachers are a busy lot. We are a profession whose workload seems to be forever on the rise and as much as you do, there is always more to be done, more to be learned, new challenges to be surmounted and exciting new opportunities to be explored. For all of this it is important to make the most efficient use of the tools we have at our disposal. Google Forms can help. 
Glenn Hervieux

Weekly Teacher Tips for Using Forms in the Classroom - 53 views

    Check out these tips, best practices, and features of Google Forms in the classroom.
Kelsey Vroomunn

Aggregating google forms quizzes for easy grading - Chimera EDUCATION - 70 views

    Workflow to grade multiple google forms quizzes at once
Lauren Rosen

@Westylish's Blog: Getting Student Feedback on my Teaching using Google Forms - 5 views

    Using google forms for feedback on teaching and turning responses into word clouds in tagxedo. I nice way to get a view of yourself. 
Glenda Baker

Google Forms Email Script - 149 views

    How to set up a mail function from the form to create self graded tests.
A Gardner

@MrSchwen: MrSchwen's Google Forms Assessment System - 195 views

    Watch the Screenr video - WOW!
Adrienne Schroeder

Flubaroo Assessment - 68 views

shared by Adrienne Schroeder on 24 Mar 11 - No Cached
    This seemed to work well - thanks for the tip!
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    Use flubaroo to grade quizzes made in goggle docs.
    Flubaroo will automatically grade assignments given via Google Docs.
    Simple templates in Google docs to automate grading of assignments
Bob Calder

Google Forms: how to create a quiz or a test that automatically grades itself in Google... - 197 views

    Requires a certain amount of "spreadsheet-fu," but still fairly easy.
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