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On Academic Labor » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names - 24 views

  • they want to keep costs down and make sure that labor is docile and obedient
  • If you have to control people, you have to have an administrative force that does it
  • we should put aside any idea that there was once a “golden age.” Things were different and in some ways better in the past, but far from perfect
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  • And I think those are the kinds of things we should be moving towards: a democratic institution, in which the people involved in the institution, whoever they may be (faculty, students, staff), participate in determining the nature of the institution and how it runs; and the same should go for a factory
  • There are more and more professional administrators, layer after layer of them, with more and more positions being taken remote from the faculty controls
  • In a reasonably functioning university, you find people working all the time because they love it; that’s what they want to do; they’re given the opportunity, they have the resources, they’re encouraged to be free and independent and creative—what’s better?
    A transcript of remarks given by Noam Chomsky about the labor crisis in high ed.
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