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Glenn Hervieux

Legal Clips » Federal district court in Mississippi rules school district did... - 2 views

    Fascinating and helpful abstract on a ruling on if schools can address students off-campus posting and discipline students without violating the student's First Amendment Rights
Roland Gesthuizen

Lewisville's texting-in-class program gets thumbs-up from teachers, students | Dallas-F... - 57 views

  • After they finished answering the question about the Kashmir conflict via their smartphones and other devices, Harris’ students said the technology allows them to share more information and exchange ideas with each other.
  • being able to use technology you’ve grown up with just feels natural. “It fits in with what we’re doing at home,”
    While the Lewisville school district still restricts regular cellphone use in the classroom, the policy is being loosened to allow the program to be used by the school's teachers when they feel that technology would enhance learning.
Roland Gesthuizen

School principal answers call to ditch mobile phone ban - 60 views

  • 'If there is too big a disconnect between school and the rest of society, people start to think we have got our heads in the sand - and the boys think we are even bigger idiots than they do normally,'
    "THIS year Christian Brothers' College in St Kilda East did something radical: overturned its long-standing ban on students bringing mobile phones to school. The decision was not made lightly. Principal Gerald Bain-King recalls agonising over the risks when a trial was first mooted several years ago."
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