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A Gardner

How science works: The flowchart - 194 views

    • A Gardner
      Reminder that science is not linear in practice nor in gathering information. Work your way through the site to the lab/activities.
    • Brian Hamilton
      Excellent visual.
  • process of scientific inquiry
  • Most ideas take a circuitous path through the process
    A flowchart depicting the process of scientific inquiry (nature of science). Can trace the development of different ideas. Gives a visual representation that the "scientific method" is not a rigid, sequential process that goes automatically from one step to the next.
Holly Barlaam

My Science Box - 134 views

    Gives organizational tips on how to organize everything for a particular unit. Also has sample units available on the website.
Holly Barlaam

Science Review Games - 109 views

    Games for students and teachers to use to review science concepts
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