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Mary Beth  Messner

Edunology - Word-Clouds - 146 views

    Numerous word cloud sites are listed, as are ideas for using them.
Mary Beth  Messner

Zendo | passionate learners - 93 views

    Zendo not only creates flashcards from user notes, but it also tracks how well the learner knows the content of the flashcards.
Mary Beth  Messner

morethanwordles [licensed for non-commercial use only] / FrontPage - 85 views

    Wiki on Wordles
Mary Beth  Messner

Kerpoof Scholastics™ - 63 views

  • Kerpoof's multimedia software is used by kids worldwide to create original artwork, animated movies, stories, greeting cards and more. The site is meant to be fun, but we're serious about its educational value. Elementary and middle school teachers can use Kerpoof in many ways to enhance classroom activities while meeting a range of educational standards.
Mary Beth  Messner

Prezi in the Classroom - 199 views

    Thanks for posting this resource. I'm just about to get started on some presentations and I wanted my students to use this or Vuvox, because PowerPoint is soooooo done. Thanks.
Mary Beth  Messner

Lovely Charts | Screencast - 126 views

    Free tool to create flowcharts, sitemaps, graphics, etc. Easy to use and might be good for creating graphic syllabi.
Mary Beth  Messner

GPC Center for Teaching and Learning - Online Resources - 74 views

  • Online Resources   Here
  • a collection of Online Resources by Subject Area.  This list is NOT exhaustive, but is a great start for incorporating stimulating (online) exercises into your teaching
  • English
  • ...14 more annotations...
  • English as a Second Language/Foreign Languag
  • Humanitie
  • Best Practices in Teaching Writing
  • Nursing/Dental Hygiene
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Sign Language & Interpreting Related Links
  • Computers and Technology
Mary Beth  Messner

6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Comics - 91 views

Mary Beth  Messner

5 Fantastic Ways to Use Wallwisher in the Classroom - SimpleK12 - 138 views

  • 5 fantastic ways to use Wallwisher in the classroom: Writing activities – Wallwisher has a 160 character limit for each comment/post that you leave on the wall. Which is, in a way, a good thing! It allows for short story/collaborative projects, essay plans, note-taking, memos, poems, etc… the writing possibilities are endless! Brainstorming activities – This is a great ice breaker for the beginning of class! And better yet, it’s a great way to post a homework assignment/food for thought for that evening and then discuss it the next day. Vocabulary/Grammar Activities – You could easily use Wallwisher for practicing tenses, definitions, vocabulary matching (you can even use audio or video!), or even find a theme and have the students fill the sticky notes with their ideas for the vocabulary theme! Speaking activities – I was never one to love speaking in front of people so Wallwisher is a great way to create short speaking activities to help students feel more comfortable in front of a group of people. These activities could be to talk about a photo or video for X minutes, create a story based upon X number of photos, or even put debate topics on a sticky note for the student to create. Notifications – That is the original thought, right? You could use Wallwisher for orientation information, classroom rules, student profiles, daily/weekly plan, or even fun messages to other students who might be out sick or on trips with their families.
Mary Beth  Messner

Forty_five_Interesting_Ways_to_use_Wordle_in_ - 156 views

    46 Ways to use Wordle in the Classroom
Mary Beth  Messner

Triptico | Word Magnets - 49 views

    Magnetic Poetry online - after the site loads, wait for the "Next" button to appear in the bottom right corner. You can enter the words you want to use for the poetry and choose different backgrounds/grids, including Venn diagram.
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