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Mark Gleeson

Values for Life - 49 views

    Incursions to support values education
Roland Gesthuizen » Blog Archive » A New Role for Colleges of Education: Developin... - 21 views

  • If schools are to become intelligent communities, then we need to spend more time exploring how we come to know one another and how we can foster healthy public debate instead of unhealthy public disparagement.
  • A college of education can do more than offer pedagogical blueprints. It can instead offer strategies, tactics, and forums for designing a sustainable future. Such a focus would require some retooling and rethinking but clearly the time to act is now.
    "Without sounding too obvious, the critical exploration of the values and norms that have shaped our world is essential to the continued progress of humankind. In a new video offered by RSA Animate, Matthew Taylor explores the meaning of 21st century enlightenment.."
Javier E

The Elite Personified - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan - 24 views

  • life isn't as simple as it once appeared. Career and Marriage are transformed from abstract hopes into concrete decisions. Every one that is made closes off other possibilities. And every so often, we take stock of life, pondering its purpose, what it is that makes us happy, our responsibilities to others, whether meaning can be found in our work, etc.
  • prep schools and top tier colleges traffic in a perverse illusion: that building a perfect resume is the same thing as building a perfect life
  • since every subculture has its pathologies, you're probably not doing things right unless the other people in your world are at least slightly uncomfortable with some way in which you're challenging its assumptions.
Javier E

Question Of The Week: "The Organization Kid" - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan - 44 views

    In answer to the question: "Is there a book or article that changed your life?"
Marty Daniel

List of Values - 41 views

    Great list of 374 values or character traits
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