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Julie Golden

Have you taught online? Your opinion is needed! - 16 views

  • Please consider taking my survey. It is anonymous, so I won't be able to send a proper thank you. Please know that I will pay your kindness forward to another doctoral student in need and will send warm thoughts out into the universe for you. Thank you for your consideration and for passing this on to eLearning faculty!
N Butler

educationalwikis - Examples of educational wikis - 82 views

    Get source for educational wiki's

TeachThought - Learn better. - 45 views

shared by C CIA on 24 May 13 - No Cached
Randy Rodgers

YouTube Teachers - YouTube - 55 views

    Click on the Classroom Videos tab below the featured video to see hundreds of playlists arranged by subject and objective.
Paul McKean

Mobento - Video Learning Platform - 83 views

    A good educational video site on topics including a wide range of science, history, maths, computing and more. Search using words that appear in the video.
S. Roualet

Lessons Worth Sharing--TED - 64 views

shared by S. Roualet on 25 Apr 12 - No Cached
    • hollandchris
      Ted ed is going to a powerful resource in my classroom
    • hollandchris
      Ted ed is going to be a great tool in helping my students achieve their specified learning goal.  Ted ed will accomplish this by allowing my students to access educational videos from their home, smartphone, or in the computer lab.  This will be so powerful, because of the tools that ted ed supplies the user with think, and dig deeper, and the ability for user created quizzes.  I plan to assign videos for homework and then hold students accountable by tracking their quizzes.
    • Mary Solymossy
      Ted ed is going to shared to motivate my teachers and students. These resources will be infused into the curricular lessons to introduce engaging perspectives on information they're teaching/learning and to ignite creativity.
    this is an amazing new website from TED. Watch animated videos with built in quizzes and lessons, or upload your own videos and share. Wonderful resource for the flipped classroom
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  • This article by Joyce Valenza explains how videos from TED-Ed can be "flipped" to become lessons plans and extension ideas, allowing for a richer and more differentiated experience.
    The New TED website specifically for educators. Features illustrated videos. In Beta
    Create Lessons Worth Sharing around YouTube videos
Patricia Christian

My Presentations - 96 views

    NYSABE Conference Presentation on WEB 2.0 Toolkit by Patricia Christian
Angela Wilson

100 Tips, Tools, and Resources for Teaching Students About Social Media | Teaching Degr... - 103 views

    social networking in education
Michele Brown

Pics4Learning - 27 views

    Creative Common site to use for photo's.
     Free photos for education.
Stacy Olson

TechLearning: Top 100 Sites of 2011 - 11 views

    You are sure to find at least one tool in this list that you haven't worked with before!
Peter Beens

Digital Life - Report: More kids 'cyberbaiting' teachers - 141 views

    This report seems short on research and long on guesses that seems to be trying to link sensational but unrelated facts. I see little attempt made to define the terms. The teachers I know who use facebook to communicate with students do so to keep students thinking about their classwork and deadlines. The "cyberbaiting" which the reporter tries to link to facebook friending with a "perhaps"...would rarely be related. From what I've seen, kids cyberbait the teachers who are least likely to use or understand social media at all. I would imagine that a teacher who is online with students would be least likely to be a target. All this is unoffical guess, but the article does little to provide me with facts or information to contradict this.
Kate Pok

Twitter Does Not Always Work As A Class Requirement - 80 views

  • Twitter Does Not Always Work As A Class Requirement
    nice assessment of using twitter in a classroom
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