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Building History 3.0 - 14 views

    A collection of interactive resources on the WWI Japanese American incarceration camps
Kim Loeffen

A Personalized Learning Backlash -- THE Journal - 10 views

    • Kim Loeffen
      Elementary school Summit backlash includes concerns on data usage and other issues
  • personalized instruction is getting renewed attention as schools in the northeast consider calling their experiments in the instructional model a failure.
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  • there's "little evidence for the effectiveness" of personalized instruction delivered through technology.
    • Kim Loeffen
      Student protest of an online Facebook driven learning "experience" causes the NY DOE to drop the program in grades 11-12
Nigel Coutts

Holiday Reading - Christmas 2019 - The Learner's Way - 10 views

    With the Christmas Holiday's finally here this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some of that reading which has been delayed while more pressing matters are dealt with. Here are the top items on my holiday reading list. With a project underway that explores a conceptual based approach to teaching mathematics there is a bias in that direction. 
Martin Burrett

Prowise Presenter entirely free of charge - 16 views

    "Prowise has made all the unique education possibilities that Prowise Presenter has to offer accessible to everyone, for free. This applies to non-paying, paying and new users. From now on, everyone has free access to all the functionalities the education software has to offer. This way the company, based in Birmingham, makes progress towards their ambition to make digital education accessible for everyone, globally."
Nigel Coutts

The trouble with Twitter - The Learner's Way - 21 views

    Twitter is a great place for educators to share ideas. It has become my go to place when I am looking for something to read, a new idea or some inspiration. It is a great avenue for sharing practice, asking questions and building a community.    But . . .   . . . Twitter has some problems and these seems to be growing. To get the most out of Twitter a degree of caution is advised.
Siri Anderson

Primers - The Center for Innovative Research in Cyberlearning (CIRCL) - 14 views

    Useful resources on varied topics of importance today. Computational thinking, data science, citizen science etc.
Devin Page

Henry Clay and the American System for kids *** - 6 views

  • Taxing all foreign goods, to boost the sales of US products and protect manufacturers from cheap British goods
  • ● Introducing a protective Tariff to enable the nation to raise money from these taxes and at the same time protect the nation's goods from cheaper priced foreign items
    • Devin Page
      Which region of the country did not like tariffs that were meant to help manufacturers in the north?
  • Roads and canals were built that enabled Americans to travel and the Cumberland Road, the Erie Canal were constructed
    • Devin Page
      Where did the Cumberland Road take travelers? How about the Erie Canal?
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  • The American System helped to fuel the belief in the Manifest Destiny of the United States
    • Devin Page
      So which region probably benefited from the American system?
  • The American System helped to fuel the belief in the Manifest Destiny of the United States
  • ● Henry Clay's American System eventually ran out of steam during the administration of President Jackson
    • Devin Page
      Which region of the country seemed to most supprt Andrew Jackson?
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