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Jim Julius

Instructional Objectives Builder - 84 views

    The old Radio James objective builder has been revived by ASU Online.
Siri Anderson

The Urgency of Now | The Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males 2012 - 16 views

    On a related note, The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander should be required reading for anyone in public schools.
Tim Venchus

An Inspired and Inspiring Sharing : 2¢ Worth - 37 views

    Anecdotal outcomes from Ohio eTech ARRA grant recipients.  Nothing data-driven here, but a nice glimpse into the possibilities of how technology integration can improve education
Bill Genereux

Economic Scene - Study Rethinks Importance of Kindergarten Teachers - - 23 views

  • Some are highly effective. Some are not. And the differences can affect students for years to come.
Ed Webb

The English Teacher's Companion: Of Our Teachings: What Do They Remember? - 0 views

  • What was clear today was that it was our relationship and their appreciation for the importance of ideas and my subject that remained one, two, eight or ten years later.
  • After all these encounters, these smiles, these chats and talks in the cafe, through emails and Twitters, what do I realize, what's the lesson? (Does there always have to be a lesson, Mr. Burke? they whine....). Relationships matter: you to your kids, you to your subject, kids to each other.
  • you can't teach kids if you don't know who they are or what they care about. The lesson is that if you don't know or care about what you teach, they will not remember it, will not value it going forward.
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