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Steve Ransom

Debunking a bullying factoid | - 3 views

  • “160,000 students stay home from school each day due to bullying.”
    Debunking the VERY often-touted statistic that  "160,000 students stay home from school each day due to bullying" 
Steve Ransom

Extraordinary teachers can't overcome poor classroom situations - - 7 views

  • Still, it's become a popular fantasy that all you need is a superstar teacher, and that he or she will be just as effective even as budget cuts force us to pack more kids into each classroom.
  • we can't demand that teachers be excellent in conditions that preclude excellence.
Martin Burrett

winged sandals - 97 views

    An amazing flash resource for learning about the ancient Greeks with animated videos of myths and main Gods.
Roland Gesthuizen

5 myths about teachers that are distracting policymakers - The Answer Sheet - The Washi... - 111 views

  • Political leaders at every level are demanding we evaluate and pay teachers based on student test scores and value-added statistical formulas. If that turns out to be a bad strategy, the long-term ramifications for the nation could be staggering.
    "Now's the time to transcend the usual debates over how to make our schools better and our teachers more effective - and break free of the myths that keep us fighting 20th century battles. Instead we need to look hard at the realities, framed by research evidence as well as the challenges teachers face everyday"
Ann Steckel

BBC News - Is multi-tasking a myth? - 36 views

  • What that suggests, the researchers say, is that multi-task are more easily distracted by irrelevant information. The more we multi-task, the less we are able to focus properly on just one thing.
  • A raft of studies has found that, actually, multi-tasking is a good way to do several things badly.
  • We're not really multi-tasking. We're switching between tasks in an unfocused or clumsy way."
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  • Amazing, but as it turns out, quite logical. "The brain has very specialised modules for different tasks, like language processing and spatial recognition. It stands to reason that two similar tasks are much harder to do simultaneously, because they're using similar bits of tissue."
  • Driving and talking doesn't use the same bits of brain. Answering an e-mail while chatting on the phone does. In effect, we are creating information bottlenecks.
Betty Powell

MythBusters: Scientific Inquiry - - 1 views

    Learn from the MythBusters, who use the scientific method to prove or disprove common beliefs about physical science.
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