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Geise Library

Saving Face - 1 views

    When socializing or communicating with Facebook here are some resources to support your understanding of the environment, a few tips to ensure for a safe experience, and some links to keep up you up to date on changes and privacy settings. The concept to be aware of is that anything online is not private. So be cautious and thoughtful about what you say, share and post. It will be associated with you
    on the internet and you may never be able to get rid of it. Think before you post!
    Article re the safe use of Facebook
John Pearce

Are You In Control of Your Social Media Privacy? [INFOGRAPHIC] - 9 views

    By now, we know that social media behavior differs, based on factors like gender, age and nationality. It turns out, how you manage your social media privacy may depend on similar indicators.

    ZoneAlarm created the below infographic, based on a 2012 study by Pew. The research points to gender-specific privacy practices. For instance, men are nearly twice as likely as women to profess regret for posting online content. On the other hand, men are more likely to maintain public social media presences.
Judy O'Connell

How Facebook is Killing Your Authenticity - 2 views

    "We all know that the delineation between public and private was eroded by Facebook a long time ago. Over. Done. But now Facebook's sheer scale is pushing it in a new direction, one that encroaches on your authenticity.
    Facebook is no longer a social network. They stopped being one long before the movie. Facebook is really a huge broadcast platform. Everything that happens between its walls is one degree away from being public, one massive auditorium filled with everyone you've ever met, most of whom you haven't seen or spoken to in years.
    Last week a bunch of massive sites across the web, including TechCrunch, adopted Facebook commenting. The integration of the formatting and fonts is so strong that when you're reading comments you actually feel like you are on Facebook, not a tech focused vertical site.
    This latest push by Facebook to tie people to one identity across the interwebs is very troublesome."
Judy O'Connell

Facebook takes fresh step to open up users' personal details | Technology | - 0 views

    "Facebook is planning to make users' addresses and mobile phone numbers available to apps that people use on the site, although it says it would require users to give explicit permission for it to happen."
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