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Tommie Kock

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Hypothyroidism Diet hypthyroidism treatment

started by Tommie Kock on 30 May 12
  • Tommie Kock
    There are treatments, like levothyroxine, that are very good for those suffering from hypothyroidism but discussing it with a healthcare professional is very important.

    While this treatment works really well, it's meant for more serious cases, not just mild ones, such as subclinical hypothyroidism. You should know there are some intense side effects, so it might not be the best choice if you aren't experiencing serious symptoms at this point. There is a possibility of incompatibility with other medications depending on your choice for treatment, so make sure your doctor knows what you are taking. Even certain supplements, such as calcium or iron supplements may interfere with the body's ability to absorb levothyroxine, so it's important to ask your doctor about what you can take. Stress gets a lot of bad press as the cause of many different health issues and hypothyroidism is just one of them. Stress causes problems with your adrenal glands which, in turn, affect your thyroid hormone along with other hormones in your body. It doesn't matter what causes your stress - a physical situation or an emotional upset can be the culprit. Nevertheless, other medical issues, or even what you eat, can contribute to adrenal stress. There are four main food intolerances - wheat, lactose, gluten, and yeast. If you eat any of these foods and have an intolerance, it can cause adrenal stress. Also, whether or not you are diabetic, if your blood glucose level suffers major swings, this causes your adrenal glands to become stressed. However, stress is just one cause of thyroid disorders. There are many others. Nevertheless, stress can be a contributing factor to your hypothyroidism, even if it wasn't one of the causative factors in your illness. Your treatment results will be more successful if you can keep your level of stress under control. Don't overlook controlling stress as one of your strategies in managing your hypothyroidism.

    There are many alternative treatments for hypothyroidism. You just have to know what to look for. Some of these include aromatherapy, reflexology, and acupuncture. If you have a mild case of hypothyroidism, such treatments may be helpful at keeping your thyroid gland functioning well. You should implement these treatments along with any medication that you are currently using to supplement your treatment regimen. Balancing your hormones with acupuncture is actually very reliable. You do this by stimulating the energy centers of your body which will help your thyroid work properly once again. Needles are not for everyone, but a foot massage is! Reflexology works directly with your feet. These techniques will help you reduce your stress which may be causing your hypothyroidism condition. By using these alternative methods for relaxation purposes, you can actually help your recovery while using regular medications to treat your hypothyroidism. Depending upon the type of condition that you have and the symptoms that have manifest, the treatment you receive for hypothyroidism will vary. Short-term and long-term medication treatments for hypothyroidism are dependent upon your condition and your doctor's diagnosis. Hypothyroidism is not a fun condition to endure. By staying alert to new and better treatment options that come up every year, you will eventually find one that will help you with this challenge.

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