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David McGavock

Shelly Terrell: Global Netweaver, Curator, PLN Builder | DMLcentral - 1 views

  • PLNs -- which she calls "passionate learning networks" and defines simply as "the people you choose to connect with and learn from."
  • Shelly has a list of resources for educators who want to use Skype and videoskype to go global with their classrooms.
  • "I get them to start with blogs, show them how to participate by commenting. They see how the conversation evolves. After they get comfortable, I encourage them to begin looking at other tools. Like our students, teachers evolve at different paces...You have to participate to build community.
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  • Asking for help is important -- just as we teach our students every day. It opens a conversation. Be willing to listen. Be willing to let the conversation take you where it's going to take you, because often it takes you to a completely different place than you originally imagined.”
    When I started using social media in the classroom, I looked for and began to learn from more experienced educators. First, I read and then tried to comment usefully on their blog posts and tweets. When I began to understand who knew what in the world of social media in education, I narrowed my focus to the most knowledgeable and adventurous among them. I paid attention to the people the savviest social media educators paid attention to. I added and subtracted voices from my attention network, listened and followed, then commented and opened conversations. When I found something I thought would interest the friends and strangers I was learning from, I passed along my own learning through my blogs and Twitterstream. I asked questions, asked for help, and eventually started providing answers and assistance to those who seemed to know less than I. The teachers I had been learning from had a name for what I was doing -- "growing a personal learning network." So I started looking for and learning from people who talked about HOW to grow a "PLN" as the enthusiasts called them. Learning innovator Will Richardson led me to Shelly Terrell, who genuinely lives out her "collaborate for change" maxim.
    Personal Learning Networks can be important in helping you find authorities in a field. A collection of professionals, a network of enthusiasts on a subject, can provide checks on opinion and fact.
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