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Nikki Fry

To the members of this group, old and new. - 7 views

I am the creator of this group. I started it for my graduation project last year, but never dreamed that its usefulness would continue on beyond that. I'm sorry that I have not been moderating this...

creative writing writing writers writing resources moderator

started by Nikki Fry on 07 Mar 13 no follow-up yet
David Hilton

Dancing Verse - 0 views

    New Australian poetry site.
Mr.Write Walden

Creative Writing - Fiction, Poetry and Non-Fiction - Writers Feedback Site - 0 views

    A great place to receive feedback from other writers on your work.
Rose Black

Plagiarism checking tool - the most accurate and absolutely FREE! - 0 views

    In this technological age a plagiarism checker is essential for protecting your written work. A plagiarism checker benefits teachers, students, website owners and anyone else interested in protecting their writing. Our service guarantees that anything you write can be thoroughly checked by our plagiarism software to insure that your texts are unique.
Chanel Fisher

Anyone on Wordpress? - 0 views

    I wanted to share my profile on Wordpress. It's a mixture of poetry and prose. My favorite style of poetry is free verse.

    If any of you guys are on Wordpress, please share a link to your profile with me. I'd love to check it out!

    Also, if any of you all have any writing prompts or know of any good websites with writing prompts, please share!

    I look forward to connecting with you all! :)
Nikki Fry

Wonk Tools - 2 views

    Includes a Writer's Block Tool, a Topic and Title Generator, a Vocabulary Tool and an Info Page.
Nikki Fry

Victorian & Steampunk Name Generator - 2 views

    Reganne Rapp: I used this name generator to name characters in a story I'm working on after Nanowrimo! I found it very helpful because I often have problems coming up with names, but this generator helped me solve that problem! Thanks Nikki!
William Kidd Jr

What tips do you have to share to help get over writer's block? - 39 views

I have found that when I just sit down and write what ever thoughts come to mind, I can get pages. I believe if I write enough i'll write things I wasn't even aware were upstairs. I guess that woul...

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