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Dwayne Abrahams

The Beginner's Guide To Google In The Classroom - Edudemic - 41 views

    "Google offers a ton of solutions for students, teachers, and classrooms. Some products are intentionally designed for classrooms, others just happen to work well for that setting as well as many others. The Google Apps For Education and Google Play for Education are two tools built for teachers and students that encompass a ton of different solutions for different types of work. The handy infographic below takes a look at some usage statistics on Google tools in the classroom along with a few tidbits about Apps for Education if you're not familiar with them. Keep reading to learn more."
Toni Plourde

Use Print Friendly to make digital file out of web pages - 14 views

started by Toni Plourde on 31 Mar 15 no follow-up yet
MK Pursley

Browse by Secondary Genre | MOVIECLIPS - Watch Free Films Online - Hollywood Movie Clip... - 13 views

    Great resource for movie clips to use as teaching tools
Christine Garraway

Facilitator's Guide for Standards for Professional Learning - 20 views

    Facilitator's Guide for Educators in setting standards for professioal learning in their school environment
Damianne R. President

Map of Life | Map of Life - 17 views

    This site includes use of Google's Mapping Engine to show different species by location and allows users to find out about the state of various species.
Doe L

Project-Based Engineering for Kids - 33 views

  • This is a collection of project-based engineering lessons for kids. Project-based learning allows students to control the direction and pace of their learning. Activities that promote investigation, critical thinking, and hands-on subject matter are also central to project-based learning.
    How to make something
    TAG: Maker Movement
Wayne Eglinton

Welcome - 9 views

Dean Mantz - 17 views

    Very interesting and resource rich visual search engine. It will even filter searches. 
MK Pursley

Tech. & YC Interest Forum: Technology Tools for Educators - 24 views

    List of Tech Tools for Educators
Fred Delventhal - 28 views

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