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Judy Robison

Online Drawing and Onlineing Tools | - 18 views

    " some fantastic and unique online drawing and online tools. "
Fred Delventhal

QueekyPaint - Paint drawing and Painting tools - 15 views

    via Martin Burrett
Professional Learning Board

U.S. History Engine - 30 views

    The History Engine is an educational tool that gives students the opportunity to learn history by doing the work-researching, writing, and publishing-of a historian. The result is an ever-growing collection of historical articles or "episodes" that paints a wide-ranging portrait of life in the United States throughout its history and that is available to scholars, teachers, and the general public in our paint database.
Jeff Johnson

bomomo - online art tool - 1 views

    cool art tool, create artwork using tools and save as jpg
    The homepage of bomomo
Jeff Johnson

Kerpoof - 0 views

    Try drawing with SuperDoodle! Kerpoof is testing a new activity! You can be the artist in Super Doodle. Paint, choose and mix colors and more. Play in Super Doodle
    Kerpoof is a site that provides a variety of creative tools for animation, drawing, and movie creation. Users can choose from a range of preset characters and environmental options, or they can create their own. The site offers drag-and-drop simplicity coupled with advanced animation and editing capabilities that, according to Lovely, open the platform up to a range of curricular applications.
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