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Karen Vitek

Making the Most of Moodle (Single) - 18 views

    "Learn all the components of creating your own online Moodle course! Moodle is an open source online learning management system that allows teachers to create content that can be accessed online by their students. Many educators are using online tools to enhance the learning environment in their classroom. Moodle is a great solution for getting your classes into an online learning environment that you can design and modify. "
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    If you are looking for a Moodle resource check out my new book!
    I think it's unfortunate that you are selling a resource for free/open source educational software. The beauty of Moodle is it's comprehensive online software in addition to its accesibility for relative novice to advanced users. Making money off the volunteer work of others is not ethical and I fear that continued practices will cause such readily available software to go commercial.
    I am not selling the software. I am helping K-12 teachers implement its use in the classroom. If you have done as much professional development as I have with K-12 teachers you will know that the software available online are not adequate for your average classroom teacher. Believe me, the little bit I may make with my book will not encourage Moodle to be a commercial venture. Believe it or not there are other books written on Moodle. Do a search on and you'll find many more Moodle books.
Jeff Johnson

The Geometer's Sketchpad: Resources for Teaching and Resources - Key Curriculum Press - 0 views

    Online Resource Center - The Sketchpad Resource Center is an extensive website maintained by the Sketchpad development group, containing tools and resources to help you make the most of this versatile resources. It's also home to information about the community of Sketchpad users. You can: - Download materials for classroom activities and projects - Find links to sample sketches, reports and presentations, bibliographic materials, and other resources - Download product updates - Browse Frequently Asked Questions  - Find out about professional development opportunities - Download The Geometer's Sketchpad Workshop Guide - Download sketches, custom tools, and visualizations from the advanced sketch gallery  - Learn more about JavaSketchpad
Jeff Johnson

TinkerPlots: Resources for Teaching and Resources - Key Curriculum Press - 0 views

    Online Resources - On these pages, you'll find a wealth of Resources and suggestions on how to effectively integrate TinkerPlots into mathematics Resources for grades 4-8. These pages serve TinkerPlots users by providing information about the Resources and a place where members of the TinkerPlots community can share activities, data, student work, demonstrations, and presentations.
Joseph Alvarado

5 Ways Classrooms Can Use Video Conferencing - 30 views

    The author of two books, 12-year-old Adora Svitak published her first, Flying Fingers, at the age of seven. In addition, she has spoken at some of the nation's pre-eminent education conferences and taught students around the world via her video conferencing programs. Most recently, she spoke at the TED conference.
Professional Learning Board

How can I use Infographics in the Classroom? - 13 views

    There is nothing more powerful than information. It is what makes the world go around. However, ever so often, information in itself gets a little stale and needs a creative shake to look attractive again. Infographics does just that. This is especially true in a classroom with students whose attention span seems to be reducing by the day.
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