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Lisa Winebrenner

Home (GoogleApps ePortfolios) - 0 views

    This Google Site has been set up by Dr. Helen Barrett to focus on the use of Google Apps to create ePortfolios. On this site, there are instructions on how to use the different elements of Google Apps to maintain e-portfolios.\n\nThere is also a Google Group on developing electronic portfolios in K-12 using Google Apps:\n* Group name: Using Google Apps for ePortfolios in K-12 Education\n* Group home page:\n* Group email address\nI am hoping that other K-12 educators can join the group, and share their experiences developing ePortfolios with these free online tools. I recommend that if schools decide to use GoogleApps, they establish their own Google Apps for Education site, with their own domain name, as a quasi "walled garden" where student work can only be viewed by someone with an account within that domain.
Dwayne Abrahams

The Beginner's Guide To Google In The Classroom - Edudemic - 41 views

    "Google offers a ton of solutions for students, teachers, and classrooms. Some products are intentionally designed for classrooms, others just happen to work well for that setting as well as many others. The Google Apps For Education and Google Play for Education are two tools built for teachers and students that encompass a ton of different solutions for different types of work. The handy infographic below takes a look at some usage statistics on Google tools in the classroom along with a few tidbits about Apps for Education if you're not familiar with them. Keep reading to learn more."
Lisa Winebrenner

Synergyse Blog: Top 10 Google Apps Scripts for Education - 5 views

    "We will explain how the top 10 Google Apps Scripts for Education can enhance teacher workflow and student learning experience. "
Jonathan Wylie

The Benefits of Google Apps for Education in Schools - 20 views

    With so many schools adopting Google Apps for Education, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. This article explores exactly what you can look forward to if your school or district decides to 'go Google'.
Abraham Sihweil

Apps Status Dashboard - 8 views

    Google App Dashboard lets you see all the problems for the day with Google when things are slow
Vahid Masrour

LMS Boricua - 6 views

    Great example of using Google Apps for Education (GAFE) as a free LMS
Bochi 23

Google Tip of the Day: TCB By Limiting the TLD - 9 views

    Daily Google tip from a Google Apps for Education School
Cerese Godfrey

Cerese's Conversations - Cerese Godfrey [CereseG] on Plurk - 0 views

shared by Cerese Godfrey on 26 Sep 09 - Cached
  • cfox2saysalong the bottom there is a plurk lottery where
  • g_teachasksGingerTPLC to check her PPsKathsaysgood evening all. Just got home from Baker class. 24 students in class this evening. Lots of questio
  • CereseGhatesto think of going to work the rest of this year. I am so tire of this upheavals!!...111/11StacysaysSo, if you're 15 and you cry, you can get through to the male judges?...51/11Stacysaysshould I shovel now or wait until tomorrow?...12g_teachsaysdownloaded a chess app for my iPod4bknittlewonderswhich of my plurk pals will be heading to EduCon....2McTeach Seriously, I absolutely hate leaving a meeting feeling that angry at how MY time is of no value to administrators!...1elainejsaysday was mtgs from start to now. Yikes! Need to go to the groc then home to take something for my throat....Godtessshareshave you seen My Blackberry is not Working? ...3Amy Cordova I am tired!1/11Stacysayscheck it out: contracts negotiated, proposals written - now wait on 6 boards to approve or deny, 15 others are onboard!...9angiemc99askswhen something has to go in your day...what do you drop? (Due to lack of time)
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Lisa Winebrenner

GroupWise vs. Google Apps for Education vs. Microsoft Live @ Edu | EDUCAUSE - 15 views

    Summarized comparison of the functionality of the three email environments we developed a fairly comprehensive comparison listing.
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