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How to Make Money While Still a Teenager - Make lots of money - 0 views

    It's never too early to start earning and saving for the future. Not only will this help us become more responsible, it will also give us a hefty amount of life experience for when we're ready to engage in the adult working world. With that being said, here are a few ways on how you can make money while still a teenager. Sell Art If you're the creative type, you can definitely make use of your talents and skills. There are several websites that could help you set up commissions where you can get paid by drawing what the client requires. Research what clients are looking for. While there is a fairly wide variety of styles a client may require you to draw, there are certain standards to be met when engaging with one. Go ahead and do your research as to what kind of art do most clients need. This can vary from posters, flyers, logo design, character design, backgrounds so on and so forth. Build an impressive portfolio. You've done your research now it's time for you to look at your strengths and create a remarkable portfolio based on that and what your clientele might need. Put out your best work, make it diverse and play by your strengths! Set a price list. Before executing anything, research is extremely important. Go ahead and research about how you should price your work. Despite being a teenager, you shouldn't sell your art for a meager amount of money. Understandably, you do not have as much experience as big-name artists nor have you gotten a degree in art but work is work and bills need to get paid! Compare quality, compare prices and price your art accordingly. Look for websites that cater to artists. There are plenty of websites that cater to artists and plenty of ways to sell your art. For example, DeviantArt has a market open for artists who take in commissions for original characters or art based on shows, comics and/or books. Society6 allows you to draw show-based art and put them on different merchandises s
Shana Ray

GOOD Video: Wisdom of We in the Classroom - 0 views

    Collaborize Classroom was built on the power of shared thinking. Teachers no longer become the funnel for information in classrooms; students can share information and ideas with each other and direct the flow of learning through online discussions. By helping encourage a group's collective thinking, Lang hopes to take education to a higher level through collaborative learning.
David Ellena

6 Ways to Honor the Learning Process in Your Classroom | Edutopia - 0 views

  • Roughly put, learning is really just a growth in awareness.
  • While morsels of information -- math theorems, for example -- may not change, the context in which students use them do change. Which in turn changes how we consider and use that morsel.
  • Even what we call facts -- significant historical dates, labels for ethnic groups, causes and effects of cultural movements -- all change endlessly, if not in form (how they're discussed), then in meaning and connotation (what we think of them).
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  • And thus changing how students use this skill or understanding. And thus changing how we, as teachers, "teach it."
  • This could be thought of as depth of understanding, a term that produced a depth of knowledge (DOK) framework for measuring understanding which is still used in many districts. Bloom's Taxonomy (1) or even the TeachThought Learning Taxonomy (2) are all tools to help evaluate understanding -- how well a student "gets it."
  • 1. Use Learning Taxonomies
  • 2. Use Concept Maps
  • Have students map, chart, diagram or otherwise visually represent their own learning pathways and changes in their own understanding.
  • 3. Use a Variety of Assessment Forms
  • 4. Build Metacognition into Units
  • Prime the pump by assigning students quick writing prompts about their own thinking.
  • 6. Connect Students to Networks
  • As students connect to networks, the learning process will plug them in, not just to one teacher, or 25 classmates, or eight texts, but to something much larger -- and more able to interact with students organically.
    Some great thoughts on increasing the meaning of learning in your classroom
Heidi Pike

Historical Thinking Matters: Spanish-American War - 0 views

    Excellent site for an interactive lesson on document analysis and thinking historically! Lessons on the Spanish-American War, Scopes Trial, Rosa Parks

Visuwords - Visual Dictionary - 184 views

    Look up words in the Visuwords online graphical dictionary and thesaurus to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Produce diagrams reminiscent of a neural net. Learn how words associate.
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    This is an awesome resource to use, especially with student who are more visual.
    This looks like a great site. Will use when teaching Human Development regarding memory and learning theory. Will also use as a strategy in Instructional Strategies. Great for ESE and ESOL also.
    I love it, I think it is so good for internationals students and ESL
    I think this is an awesome approach to foreign students and even those of us that need that extra assistance in ESOL
    I wonder can this be incorporated into a middle school class room lesson plan. We use books for so many years, until computers were introduced. Is it fair for students to be able to go online and use this Visuwords. I think this is awesome and feel it would be of some help.
    Visuwords™ online graphical dictionary - Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Produce diagrams reminiscent of a neural net. Learn how words associate. Enter words into the search box to look them up or double-click a node to expand the tree.
    check this out
Suzie Shaeffer

Bloom's Taxonomy: Bloomin' Peacock - 0 views

    Bloom's taxonomy is rendered as a peacock, with online tools arranged on its feathers by the sections of the taxonomy. Very useful tool for teachers who are trying to ensure that they include higher level thinking in their lessons.
Darren Walker

web 2 in education | Glogster - 1 views

    This is a Glog I produced to give a presentation to a group of educators. The intention was to give the presentation entirely using free web 2 tools to show them the potential. I think it succeeds but I would value any comments
Sue Hellman

Small Changes; BIG RETURNS - Home - 0 views

    My first blog --> introduces meshows tools I like & questions I am grappling with "When I first started teaching and used to imagine how I'd end up, I thought perhaps I'd be helping student teachers learn how to work in the classroom. Now I think that goal may be within reach, but with a different twist, because I'm getting enormous pleasure from helping colleagues -- many near dinosaurs like I almost was -- renew, refresh and re-energize their work -- by letting web-based tools and resources breathe new life into our work.
Dean Mantz

Exploratree - Exploratree by FutureLab - 0 views

    This site provides thinking guides and permits mind mapping projects. Projects can be saved and shared.
tip blogger

The Most Unfortunate Names in Britain - 0 views

    Think twice and carefully before you give a name to your babies. Their name will be with them for life and what may be quirky and fun for a toddler might be regretted terribly when that person becomes older or even a grandparent perhaps.
Katie Muhtaris :: Words that stick - 0 views

    I like the simplicity of this. I think there are a ton of possible uses in the classroom.
Teach Hub

Video Writing Prompts: Beauty Before & After - 0 views

    K-2: Defining Beauty What do you think makes someone beautiful?
Cathyrine Kramer

Brush Up On Your Teaching Strategies - 0 views

  • - Every teacher knows how important it is to draw students' attention, and that is why teaching strategies are important. Teaching students effectively boils down to the strategy that you use. When you think that it is time to use a new strategy, you can get your hand on a teaching strategies gold edition program or book. Truly, having an effective teaching strategy will ensure that you become successful.
Aelicia Doore

Full Entertainment - 0 views

    Full Entertainment Blog for those who don't want to stop laughing and need to think about some funny stuffs.

The WebQuest as a Model for Embedded Librarianship | Designer Librarian - 0 views

    higher order thinking exercise for students using a specific set of web resources to solve a problem
Eric G. Young

All My Faves - Vote for the Best Sites of 2012 - 0 views

  • is a homepage provider with which some of you may be familiar. The site organizes and curates website links into visually-oriented categories - encompassing everything from craft sites to webcam chat sites. It then displays them on a nicely pre-configured - or, if you wish, user-configured - ayout. I can tell you AMF makes an excellent, easy to use homepage - particularly if you are a visual person and need to be able to "see" your bookmarks rather than just have a list or collection of folders. I also like the great diversity of categories the site provides in organizing websites, and have found many sites and resources using AMF that I would not otherwise have found - including many helpful educational sites, writing sites and so on. That's why I think AMF is a potentially "cool tool for educators" to consider. In addition to this system, AMF provides "Weekly Faves." These are generally 10 weekly "faves" - i.e., new websites of particular interest. There is also at least one mobile app "fave." At the end of the year, users are invited to vote on further curated list of runner-ups if you will for the best new sites/services of the year. The voting for this year's "best of" ends today, so if you want to vote on the runner ups listed, go to the link I provided and cast your "likes" as votes. Once winners are announced, I will list them here.
yasin kocak

Free Educational Videos - 0 views

    I found this Websites is very useful, you can find so much different kind of videos. It is an awesome Websites. Because visual is very important those days. Just look at the Google, Yahoo searching engineers, who is most popular searching web tool around the world, they put the images in second place. Visually is very important for all people especially for teachers, students and parents. I think if something is very popular and useful, we can find so many useful videos on this Websites.
yasin kocak

Free Educational Video - 0 views

    I found this Websites is very useful, we can find so much different kind of videos. It is an awesome Websites. Because visual is very important those days. Just look at the Google, Yahoo searching engineers, which is most popular searching web tool around the world, they put the images in second place. It is very important for all people.I think if something is very popular and useful for all people, of course, for education very important and we should use those technologies for all deferent level of our students. It is a free websites.

Learning Management System | LMS | Schoology - 0 views

    Awesome LMS that helps plan/organize your classes. Similar ( i think better) than Google Classroom. Great way to quiz and get feedback. Links to some gradebooks.
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