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How to Earn Money by Driving - Making Money - 0 views

    There are many smartphone apps that lets you use your personal car or bike and turn it into something profitable. The best part is that you can work on your own free schedule. There are certainly many options for you to use your ride that doesn't include you driving a person from one place to another. Here are some of them: Uber Many of us know, use and even has driven under the famous ride renting service. While it's not something that will make you indescribably rich, it definitely helps pay the bills and give you something productive to do during your free time. Make sure you meet the requirements. Uber definitely has requirements for people who would like to work as drivers whether part-time or full-time. These are of course not only to secure the credibility of their drivers and put their customers at ease but also so they could abide by interstate-sanctioned laws and remain in service for the people. Check if your car, your license and plate number is perfect for Uber's requirements. Register for Uber. Uber requires you to be at least 21 years old and has had 3 years prior of driving experience before they can allow you to work under their name as a driver. At the end of the day, Uber is a business and it is their number one priority to secure the safety of their customers by validating the capability of their driver. Find a schedule that works. Whether you choose to go full-time or part-time as a driver on Uber, choose a schedule that works perfectly for you. This is often something most drivers overlook and it leads to an unstable and irregular schedule that does not get them much ratings and therefore, not a lot of customers. Delivery Service apps There are tons of delivery service apps that are inspired by the rise in fame of Uber. Not only are they convenient, they are also extremely varied and interesting. Here's how you can start delivering goods and or services. Look up apps. There are different delive
naoto yamaguchi

50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools - 16 views

50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools 1 19pencils-Discover Resources. Help Your Students. Save Time. (Description) 19pencils (Content Summary) Search through millions of resources for stu...

Teach Hub

Cool Google Tools for Teachers - 2 views

    We all know Google will do searches, mail, calendars, images and tons more stuff, but I got really excited when I came across a list on Twitter with all the Google Tools and searchs, listed A-Z. There are so many great resources for educators and students. It was so helpful, I have done several workshops for our district on the lesser known Google tools that can play big roles in the classroom and plan to do several more. Check out this video of all this video presentation of my favorite cool tools!
Jessie Chuang

Google Apps Marketplace - EDU - 1 views

    EDU tools
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