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naoto yamaguchi

50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools - 16 views

50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools 1 19pencils-Discover Resources. Help Your Students. Save Time. (Description) 19pencils (Content Summary) Search through millions of resources for stu...

Linda Kvamme Cirocco

UW Classroom Presenter - 0 views

    Classroom Presenter is a Tablet PC-based interaction system that supports the sharing of digital ink on slides between instructors and students. When used as a presentation tool, Classroom Presenter allows the integration of digital ink and electronical slides, making it possible to combine the advantages of whiteboard style and slide based presentation. The ability to link the instructor and student devices, and to send information back and forth provides a mechanism for introducing active learning into the classroom and creates additional feedback channels.
Sue Hellman

Jakesonline Wiki - 0 views

    "This presentation, and the 10 steps listed on this page, provide a simple framework for improving presentations, and can be taught to high school age students in about 50 minutes." This presentation is really about communicating visually.
Greg O'Connor

SlideTalk - turn your presentations into engaging talking videos - 0 views

    Share your powerpoint presentations, eLearning content, business presentations and tutorials as engaging talking videos, by using high-quality and multilingual text-to-speech technology, with no need for expensive and time-consuming voice recordings.
Sean Quenzer

35 ways to use Twiducate for deeper learning. « taitcoles - 0 views

  • 18. Wordle Twiducate. The ‘print’ option enables you to upload all posts written in the class (also available for the ‘chat’ option), simply cut and paste this into Wordle and you will have a keyword cloud. This could be used for presentations, display, plenaries or starters. Put the word cloud up at the start of a lesson and ask the class “what do you think these students were writing about?”
  • 19. Student Twiducate Questions. Encourage your students to ask YOU questions. Perhaps you could set this up as a piece of homework, ask them to comment on a part of the lesson they perhaps they didn’t fully understand, or ask them to decide what they want to learn next lesson. By viewing posts before lessons you can plan directly for the specific needs of your class.
  • 26. Parent Page. This neat idea could be another way to communicate to parents about the fantastic and engaging learning that their children are doing in your lessons. You could write a brief synopsis of what students are learning in lessons, or to deepen learning ask each student in turn to add to the page; “Sarah, would you like to write three sentences to everyone’s parents about what we’ve learnt today?”
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  • 29. Bookmark your presentations. Bookmark the PowerPoint, Prezi presentations that you have used in class. As well as the students having the opportunity to re read it etc, you could also ask them to produce a slide for the presentation as homework etc.
  • 34. Planning for teacher. Use the print option to view what you students have been chatting about, it may be very surprising. If they were all chatting about a certain concept, perhaps you will need to cover it again in another lesson in another way.
  • 35. Wordle it! Again using the print option in Twiducate, cut and paste the chat into Wordle and create a word cloud. This could be used for presentations, display, plenaries or starters. Put the word cloud up at the start of a lesson and ask the class “can you remeber what we were chatting about last lesson?”
  • For the more reluctant students, this allows students to discuss ideas BEFORE they post. Like any class dynamics some students will not be as comfortable as others in saying “but Sir! I don’t get it!”. Allow them to use this tool to ask other students about their learning.

Blog post Top 10 startup tools to make a killer presentation . If you enjoy reading leave your feed-back after article - 0 views

    If you are a teacher or/ and a social media curator you will like to be a presenter and love this apps . If you enjoy reading leave your comments . 
Darren Walker

web 2 in education | Glogster - 1 views

    This is a Glog I produced to give a presentation to a group of educators. The intention was to give the presentation entirely using free web 2 tools to show them the potential. I think it succeeds but I would value any comments
Debbie Blackwell

Prezi - The Zooming Presentation Editor - 16 views

    Create cool zooming presentations sing Prezi
Jack Hanpton

Best Multimedia Presenter Software - Red Chip Solutions - 0 views

    You can create multimedia presentations, Flash websites, print-ready graphic designs and more with KnowledgePresenter - Red Chip Solutions

Creating a Video Presentation with Powtoon - YouTube - 0 views

    An easy way to create Video Presentations

PowToon for education online animated presentation software - 0 views

    presentation making tool
Van Weringh

Presentation Planning Pyramid « CleaveFast - 0 views

    Interesting way to improve your PPTs
riss leung

Toward Society 3.0: A New Paradigm for 21st century education - SlideShare - 0 views

    Slidesare presentation on web3.0 and education 3.0. Displayes differences between 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.
Dean Mantz

SlideRocket - The Best Online Presentation Software. - 1 views

    Web based professional authoring tools to create presentations to be used on and offline.
Nui Seaton

PowerTalk - automatic speech for PowerPoint presentations - 0 views

    Free Open Source Windows program that automatically speaks the text on any PowerPoint presentation. Uses the standard SAPI speech synthesis software that comes with XP.
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