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Nico Rutten

Educational Simulations - 28 views

In an attempt to categorize the variables that can have an impact on the learning effects of computer simulations, I created a 'prezi': Looking forward to hearing your thou...

educational physics computer simulation

Dean Mantz

Simulations - 1 views

    Developed by the University of Colorado this website provides virtual interactive physics, chemistry, and math simulations.

How to Make Money off of Your Music - - 0 views

    One of the biggest challenges musicians face is generating income from their music. Part of the reality of being a musician is having to diversify the source of your income. The days when musicians can simply live off of selling CDs and touring are over. Fortunately, despite the drop in physical record sales, more and more ways become available for musicians to profit off of their music. Read more
Dean Mantz

MapMachine - National Geographic - 0 views

    Here is a website from National Geographic that provides a road map, Satellite, Physical, and other themes of which are all interactive.
naoto yamaguchi

50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools - 16 views

50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools 1 19pencils-Discover Resources. Help Your Students. Save Time. (Description) 19pencils (Content Summary) Search through millions of resources for stu...


Homeschooling Tips That Will Really Help You Out - 1 views

Kids in public schools face many hurdles today, the bulk of which we never had to deal with when we were young. The best way to help your kids avoid these pitfalls is to homeschool them, and the he...

started by milesmorales on 19 Aug 14 no follow-up yet

How Can A Primary School Tutor Assist Your Child? - About Town Tuition | online tuition for primary school - 0 views

    Primary School is the foundation of a child's educational life. How is he/she going to perform and what kind of attitude he/she exposes towards receiving education depends completely upon the care and assistance one receives in their primary school level. So, it is the responsibility of every conscious parent to provide their kid with the best care and support during the most formative period of their life. To support them successfully and completely, enrolling them in a primary school is not the only thing you have to do. They need extensive care and only an efficient primary school tutor can create the environment which will enable them to learn, making it an extremely enjoyable act.
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