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Alicia Cundell

Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming - MindMeister - 37 views

    Mind mapping website that permits collaboration on projects.
    This mindmapping tool is relatively easy to use and has an interface that looks like MS Office. There are collaborative capabilities and the ability for multiple users to make changes and comments. WHat I like is that you can export your mindmap into various formats. FOr example, when exporting to Word, it gives you a document outline with all your topics and subtopics as different levels of headings, so you can just plug in the text.
Kathleen Cercone

Free mind mapping (and related types) software - WikIT - 0 views

    tons of tools to use for mindmapping. They are all listed here!
Dean Mantz

Exploratree - Exploratree by FutureLab - 0 views

    This site provides thinking guides and permits mind mapping projects. Projects can be saved and shared.
Dean Mantz - Collaborative mind mapping in your browser - 1 views

    Collabortive mind mapping website that can be completed within your own web browser. You can add web links, images/icons, and sticky notes to a mind mapping project.
Dean Mantz - free web application for brainstorming online - 1 views

    This site provides a free web based application to create mind mapping layouts.
Nico Rutten

Educational Simulations - 28 views

In an attempt to categorize the variables that can have an impact on the learning effects of computer simulations, I created a 'prezi': Looking forward to hearing your thou...

educational physics computer simulation

Van Weringh

Graphic Organizers - 0 views

    Great site with many graphic organisers in PDF form
Dean Mantz

Wisdomap - For teachers - 2 views

    Web based application to graphically organize and map your thoughts. Web based application very similar to Inspiration software.
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