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Sue Hellman

Jakesonline Wiki - 0 views

    "This presentation, and the 10 steps listed on this page, provide a simple framework for improving presentations, and can be taught to high school age students in about 50 minutes." This presentation is really about communicating visually.
Amanda Smith

Good Essay Topics - 0 views

    As a writer, choosing a great topic is one of the most important thing that you can do. It serves as the framework for the rest of the assignment. It is important to spend time choosing wisely, as essay topics can make or break your overall grade on the paper
Steven Hornik

PushButton Game Engine - 0 views

    The PushButton Engine is an open-source game engine and framework that's designed for a new generation of games. This game engine helps you spend less time with code conventions and more time designing fun experiences.
Sue Hellman

Freepath - 1 views

    Free software for collecting multimedia resources and links, I am using this to build a new Earth science 11 program. Freepath lends itself so well to enabling my students (who work individually) to engage in the joy of self-directed discovery within the parameters of a structured learning package because they will be able to maneuver around my collection of multimedia materials, worksheets, readings, and links non-sequentially -- following their interests and going where their curiosity takes them, but will still have to come back to the framework and fulfill the expectations of the unit.
David Ellena

6 Ways to Honor the Learning Process in Your Classroom | Edutopia - 0 views

  • Roughly put, learning is really just a growth in awareness.
  • While morsels of information -- math theorems, for example -- may not change, the context in which students use them do change. Which in turn changes how we consider and use that morsel.
  • Even what we call facts -- significant historical dates, labels for ethnic groups, causes and effects of cultural movements -- all change endlessly, if not in form (how they're discussed), then in meaning and connotation (what we think of them).
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • And thus changing how students use this skill or understanding. And thus changing how we, as teachers, "teach it."
  • This could be thought of as depth of understanding, a term that produced a depth of knowledge (DOK) framework for measuring understanding which is still used in many districts. Bloom's Taxonomy (1) or even the TeachThought Learning Taxonomy (2) are all tools to help evaluate understanding -- how well a student "gets it."
  • 1. Use Learning Taxonomies
  • 2. Use Concept Maps
  • Have students map, chart, diagram or otherwise visually represent their own learning pathways and changes in their own understanding.
  • 3. Use a Variety of Assessment Forms
  • 4. Build Metacognition into Units
  • Prime the pump by assigning students quick writing prompts about their own thinking.
  • 6. Connect Students to Networks
  • As students connect to networks, the learning process will plug them in, not just to one teacher, or 25 classmates, or eight texts, but to something much larger -- and more able to interact with students organically.
    Some great thoughts on increasing the meaning of learning in your classroom

Video Information kiosk - 0 views

    Video information kiosk is in accurate arrangement with today's necessity for brands to have an in-business sector special framework, which conveys a limited and custom-made experience for the buyer to streamline deals. This new level of buyer personalization consolidated with the brand's capacity to convey exact and quick data, paying little respect to where the purchaser...
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