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naoto yamaguchi

50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools - 16 views

50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools 1 19pencils-Discover Resources. Help Your Students. Save Time. (Description) 19pencils (Content Summary) Search through millions of resources for stu...


BLOGGING 2.0 IN XXI CENTURY EDUCATION: I wish you a Christmas with peace my friends and my #edtech20 PLN ; the Birth of Son of God , the reason for Christmas . - 0 views

    I wish you a Christmas with peace my friends and my #edtech20 PLN ; the Birth of Son of God , the reason for Christmas . I invite you to join #edtech20 facebook page has a new look . Do you like ? If you like please post useful information for teachers related to integrating eSafety of new technologies web 2.0 and social media in education 2.0 . Using #edtech20 hastag All the posts will appear on the main page . Let's collaborate and share knowledge toghether also when you join eSafety in #edtech20 PLN
Jennifer Carey

Students Using MindMeister as a Study Tool - 0 views

    Today I got a message from my students (who have a midterm with me tomorrow) that they were implementing one of my tools to help them collaboratively study!

Best content in Cool Tools for Educators! | Diigo - Groups - 0 views

    This is a place to share cool new educational education with others!
    Website for various tools to promote learning
    Book Creator makes great graphic novels!

EDUCA2760 wiki website - 0 views

    Resources for social media and collaborations collaboration that can be used in teaching and learning

Google Plus, Chrome Apps and Tools gateway to knowledge in #Tools20: #googleplus is gateway to #semanticweb #web30 and it is new trend in #Tools20 - 0 views

    If you want a google plus invitation just leave a comment with your email and I will invite you to try this new semantic web tool and also I will invite you to join #edtech20 teachers circle to collaborate  with 150 teachers worldwide
Eloise Pasteur

Virtually Transforming Classrooms | EDC Blog - 0 views

  • Enter the world of the post-secondary Learning Management System. Sure, it’s multi-faceted and has a wide range of tools, but in the whole it remains difficult for students to openly collaborate in person, be creative from a distance and proactively learn class material, and all within the same environment, all at the same time.
  • Virtual worlds like Second Life and Lively beta by Google, on the other hand, are three-dimensional (3D) environments accessible over the internet through a high-speed connection. At first, they feel like games, but after some time exploring you begin to realize that it’s not all stimulation: It’s intuitive, interactive, collaborative, and social. These virtual worlds have not only begun to attract attention from companies seeking better conferencing tools, considerable attention has been delivered by educators who believe that virtual worlds have a place in the toolsal discourse through ‘immersive learning’ - worlds that can offer course content in a virtual setting in different ways that students can immerse themselves in, rather than requiring the student to be adaptive to the material.
  • According to Calongne, “Virtual world classrooms use a mix of media-rich course materials”, and “since a student’s understanding of complex content may be hazy, offering information in a variety of ways allows students to use the information and virtual environment around them to solve problems and create solutions for their projects.” Suddenly, students are a part of the learning and not just mindlessly assimilating concepts before storing this information in the back of their minds for the long term. Now, they can experience it.
    Thoughts about teaching in virtual worlds
Aranda Diego

Best Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers and Tools - 2 views

    Web 2.0 is the second generation of websites. It not only show and give the content, but more than that. With web 2.0 now the users can do more interaction with them. The example of the 2nd generation of the website technology is the social network sites.
Krystal Rose

Mystic Seaport for Educators - 0 views

    Great new website for educators with primary sources- Mystic Seaport for Educators
Shana Ray

12 Tech Tools That Will Transform The Way You Teach! - 0 views

    This blog post is dedicated to all of the overworked teachers who just don't have the time to seek out this information. I have provided brief explanations, links to and pictures of the tools mentioned by Simple K12 (and a couple of my favorites).
Cheryl Rodgers

Wikispaces | Edublogs - Article - 0 views

    Free Tools Challenge #23: Go wild with Wikispaces | Edublogs Teacher Challenges

Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Teacher Resources, and Rubrics from - 0 views

    This website is designed as a way to generate essential planning and grading tools customary to you own individual teaching style and lesson plan. This website also can be used to create an electronic lesson plan that can be altered, saved, shared, etc. as needed for your classroom needs. There are also classroom tools available to be created such as rubrics, worksheets, flashcards, and other resources and printables based upon your grade, subject and even time of year. This website is everything teacher transformed from the traditional paper way to electronic for your convenience and organization. There are also newsletters and forums on the website as well for collaborating and collecting new ideas on how to utilize the website and new ways to utilize the services it provides.
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