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Ravenne Forbers

How to get shy or withdrawn children involved in the classroom experience Read more: - 0 views

    Great for when getting shy children more outgoing
Srishti Innovative

Free Best Math Apps for Kids, math workout app, math app for iPhone,Bingo Fun App,Colorblind for CHILDREN app - 0 views

    Get the Free Best Math Apps for Kids .This fun workout apps will strengthen basic arithmetic concepts and learning skills for kids in math. This is the best suite app for iPhone.Find the Bingo fun app andColorblind for CHILDREN app from the link .
Brian Cook

Homeless in high school - The Boston Globe - 0 views

  • The number of high school students who become homeless after turning 18 has increased dramatically in recent years, far outpacing the few housing assistance programs available to them, say advocates for the homeless. Some youths leave home voluntarily to escape abusive situations, and others are forced out by parents or relatives. Youth advocates say economic hardship, family disputes, and, in some cases, the belief that children should support themselves at 18 lead some parents or guardians to push their children out.
    • Brian Cook
      Eye opening thought when teaching students ... middle school instructor!
  • Foster care and other state or federally funded programs do not include adult-age teens as part of their mandate, unless they receive assistance before they turn 18. Students tend to shun homeless shelters, which typically serve mostly adults, often those with mental-health or substance-abuse issues.
    Informational text used during Theme 1 -- 8th Grade LA
Cecilia Avila

Teaching with songs - 0 views

    Songs for children.
Cecilia Avila

ESL-Kids - ESL Flashcards - 0 views

    Flashcards for children
Cara Whitehead

Summer Program - 0 views

    VocabularySpellingCity has a new summer word study program that allows children to sharpen academic skills as they play. These simple assignments are a daily workout for the brain, building literacy skills such as vocabulary, spelling, and writing.

Animals coloring pages for children coloruring books - 0 views

    Free, printable set of coloring pages with animals, home and wild. Horse, giraffe, lion, tiger, dog, pig, lemur, monkey, tortoise, For free and printable.
    Free, printable set of coloring pages with animals. Horse, giraffe, lion, tiger, dog, pig, lemur, monkey, tortoise, For free and printable.

More Child-friendly Ways to Make Money - - 0 views

    Children who love to do something productive in their free time can definitely use it to make some extra money. These jobs can play by their skills or strengths and your child is definitely free to choose whatever type of job appeals to them. If you liked our previous article about making money for kids, then here's another one for you. Read more

PBL - the best teaching method in the 21st century instruction - 0 views

    Let me start this article with what Obama says in a speech at the Center for American Progress : “ Let’s be clear — we are failing too many of our children. We’re sending them out into a 21st century economy by sending them through the doors of 20th century schools.” This is a true statement issued from the lips of a political person rather than an educator.
Sean Quenzer

35 ways to use Twiducate for deeper learning. « taitcoles - 0 views

  • 18. Wordle Twiducate. The ‘print’ option enables you to upload all posts written in the class (also available for the ‘chat’ option), simply cut and paste this into Wordle and you will have a keyword cloud. This could be used for presentations, display, plenaries or starters. Put the word cloud up at the start of a lesson and ask the class “what do you think these students were writing about?”
  • 19. Student Twiducate Questions. Encourage your students to ask YOU questions. Perhaps you could set this up as a piece of homework, ask them to comment on a part of the lesson they perhaps they didn’t fully understand, or ask them to decide what they want to learn next lesson. By viewing posts before lessons you can plan directly for the specific needs of your class.
  • 26. Parent Page. This neat idea could be another way to communicate to parents about the fantastic and engaging learning that their children are doing in your lessons. You could write a brief synopsis of what students are learning in lessons, or to deepen learning ask each student in turn to add to the page; “Sarah, would you like to write three sentences to everyone’s parents about what we’ve learnt today?”
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  • 29. Bookmark your presentations. Bookmark the PowerPoint, Prezi presentations that you have used in class. As well as the students having the opportunity to re read it etc, you could also ask them to produce a slide for the presentation as homework etc.
  • 34. Planning for teacher. Use the print option to view what you students have been chatting about, it may be very surprising. If they were all chatting about a certain concept, perhaps you will need to cover it again in another lesson in another way.
  • 35. Wordle it! Again using the print option in Twiducate, cut and paste the chat into Wordle and create a word cloud. This could be used for presentations, display, plenaries or starters. Put the word cloud up at the start of a lesson and ask the class “can you remeber what we were chatting about last lesson?”
  • For the more reluctant students, this allows students to discuss ideas BEFORE they post. Like any class dynamics some students will not be as comfortable as others in saying “but Sir! I don’t get it!”. Allow them to use this tool to ask other students about their learning.
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