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naoto yamaguchi

50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools - 16 views

50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools 1 19pencils-Discover Resources. Help Your Students. Save Time. (Description) 19pencils (Content Summary) Search through millions of resources for stu...

Amanda Kenuam

iPods & iPads are Innovative Tech Tools for Special Education - 0 views

    "teenagers, SPED, Special Education Software, ipod, videos, technology technology, Assistive Tech, interactive, Apple, Special Education, assistive technology, functional skills, high school, ipad"
Minal Kulkarni

50 Education Technology Technology Every Teacher Should Know About - 0 views

    A list of useful education tools.
Suzie Shaeffer

Bloom's Taxonomy: Bloomin' Peacock - 0 views

    Bloom's taxonomy is rendered as a peacock, with online tools arranged on its feathers by the sections of the taxonomy. Very useful tool for teachers who are trying to ensure that they include higher level thinking in their lessons.
Jessie Chuang

cooltoolsforschools - Video tools - 0 views

    and all kinds of tools
Jennifer Carey

Students Using MindMeister as a Study Tool - 0 views

    Today I got a message from my students (who have a midterm with me tomorrow) that they were implementing one of my tools to help them collaboratively study!
Shana Ray

The 100 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You - 0 views

    The Best EdTech/Social Media Classroom Tools for Students and Teachers
Scott Kinkoph

Create Games and other Fun Applications - Sharendipity - 0 views

    Sharendipity provides a great opportunity for creating educational games and learning tools. Customize an existing study template, or create your own apps using our free creation tools.

Best content in Cool Tools for Educators! | Diigo - Groups - 0 views

    This is a place to share cool new educational tools with others!
    Website for various tools to promote learning
    Book Creator makes great graphic novels!
Newman Lanier

Top 10 Free Educational Tools - Top 10 Free Educational Tools - My Top Ten Australia - 170 views

Laura Nicosia

100 Helpful Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner | College@Home - 7 views

    100 Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner. Thanks @bookjewel!

Free Grammar Check online | Free Plagiarism Checker - 1 views

    GrammarCheck is a software tool designed for the worldwide community of students, teachers, and researchers. GrammarCheck was designed by a professionally proficient team of developers to guarantee accurate results. GrammarCheck goal is to check grammar, proofreading, plagiarism detection and make your writing easy, effective & error-free. GrammarCheck provides our users with an effective, easy-to-use way to improve their English writing and creates clear, concise and error-free English language content. By combining our advanced technology Natural Language Processing, AI-power products, involving rule-based and statistical algorithms, we provide our users with the technology necessary to improve their writing and protect them from accusations of plagiarism.
Learning Today

Learning to Keep Track of Your Resources! - 0 views

    school, tool, technology, resources, bookmarking
Jessica Theobald

50 Education Technology Technology Every Teacher Should Know About - Edudemic - 0 views

    The following is a cross-post from our content partners at Online Degrees: Technology and education are pretty intertwined these days and nearly every teacher has a few favorite tech Technology that make doing his or her job and connecting with students a little bit easier and more fun for all involved.

BLOGGING USING WEB 2.0 AND SOCIAL MEDIA IN EDUCATION IN XXI CENTURY: Gr8 tools and applications to make heard your visual presence around the semantic web #edtech20 - 0 views

    BLOGGING USING WEB 2.0 AND SOCIAL MEDIA IN EDUCATION IN XXI CENTURY: Gr8 tools and applications to make heard your visual presence around the semantic web #edtech20 ; ;!/web20education
Eric G. Young

TheCyberEsq Pearltrees - Curated Links of Online Tools & Resources - 0 views

    This is the homepage of my collection of curated links, focusing on online tools and resources for information management, productivity, education and some other areas. There are almost 1,300 links in this collection, gathered over almost 2 years' time, and I could continue on. I am sharing this with the Diigo community because I believe it will be especially helpful to anyone in academia. Over the next weeks or months, I hope to highlight smaller, more manageable sub-categories so that Diigo users can focus in on just those links that are of interest.
Aranda Diego

Best Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers and Education - 2 views

    Web 2.0 is the second generation of websites. It not only show and give the content, but more than that. With web 2.0 now the users can do more interaction with them. The example of the 2nd generation of the website technology is the social network sites.
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