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Sheri Edwards

EmTech Preview: Another Way to Think about Learning | MIT Technology Review - 0 views

  • What you really want to measure is curiosity, imagination, passion, creativity, and the ability to see things from multiple points of view.
  • I believe that we get into trouble when knowing becomes a surrogate for learning. We know that a vast recall of facts about something is in no way a measure of understanding them.
  • The gods must be crazy
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  • What have we learned? We learned that kids learn a great deal by themselves.
  • can children learn how to read on their own?
  • To answer this question, we have delivered fully loaded tablets to two villages in Ethiopia, one per child, with no instruction or instructional material whatsoever. The tablets come with a solar panel, because there is no electricity in these villages. They contain modestly curated games, books, cartoons, movies—just to see what the kids will play with and whether they can figure out how to use them. We then monitor each tablet remotely, in this case by swapping SIM cards weekly (through a process affectionately known as sneakernet
  • If kids in Ethiopia learn to read without school, what does that say about kids in New York City who do not learn even with school?
  • children can learn a great deal by themselves. More than we give them credit for. Curiosity is natural, and all kids have it unless it is whipped out of them, often by school. Making things, discovering things, and sharing things are keys.
  • Having massive libraries of explicative material like modern-day encyclopedias or textbooks is fine. But such access may be much less significant than building a world in which ideas are shaped, discovered, and reinvented in the name of learning by doing and discovery.
Sheri Edwards

NETS for Teachers - 0 views

    "NETS*T (PDF)"
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