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Brian G. Dowling

Sustainability Context Group - 2 views

    The SustyContextGroup is a network of thought leaders and practitioners advancing the notion of Sustainability Context, a performance accounting principle that assesses "the performance of the organization in the context of the limits and demands placed on environmental or social resources at the sectoral, local, regional, or global level" (to quote the Global Reporting Initiative, GRI, which coined the concept in 2002). Corporate Sustainability Architect Bill Baue and Center for Sustainable Organizations Executive Director (and The MultiCapital Scorecard Co-Author) Mark McElroy co-founded the Group in early 2012 to nurture the growing global community of practice of passionate individuals and organizations who see the vital necessity of incorporating this concept in corporate sustainability measurement, accounting and reporting.
Brian G. Dowling

Home | The Hum - 0 views

    If you are trying to organise in a collaborative team, you may be asking yourself: ​ "How do we include people in decisions without spending so much time in meetings?"   "How do we set priorities, distribute tasks and stay aligned on shared goals?"   "If we don't have managers, how do we get feedback, resolve conflict and stay accountable?" ​ You are not alone! We've faced these dilemmas in our own decentralised organisations, and we can help you get unstuck.
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