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Richie Shane

Common Problems With Web Development Webs - 0 views

    As clients, there are a few problems that we often encounter when undertaking a web development web. As developers, we often encounter a number of problems when dealing with clients' webs.
Mark -

voo2do : simple, beautiful web-based to-do lists - 1 views

shared by Mark - on 03 Mar 07 - Cached
  • Do you: > > work on many different projects? > > constantly jot down ideas to work on later? > > need to prioritize? > > need to know where your projects stand and what you should work on next? > > You need voo2do. organize tasks by project track time spent and remaining add tasks by email publish task lists new as easy as paper, but on the project 24x7 supports software guru Joel Spolsky's Painless Software Scheduling method fancy-shmancy “ajax” interface API for custom applications improved personal productivity learn more about voo2do »
  • Do you: > > > work on many different projects? > > > constantly jot down ideas to work on later? > > > need to prioritize? > > > need to know where your projects stand and what you should work on next? > > > You need > voo > 2 > do > . > organize tasks by project > track time spent and remaining > add tasks by email > publish task lists > new > as easy as paper, but on the project 24x7 > supports software guru Joel Spolsky's > Painless > Software Scheduling > method > fancy-shmancy > “ajax” > interface > API > for custom applications > improved personal productivity > learn more about voo2do » > Voo2do is designed, built, and maintained by Shimon Rura,
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Janos Haits

Airgile - Agile Team and Project Management Software - 0 views

    Manage teams and projects effectively Plan and track the evolution of your projects and tasks, ensuring compliance with deadlines and budgets. Airgile simplifies team coordination, allowing you to manage the tasks and to increase the productivity of each employee. Airgile is available online in the Cloud, with affordable plans adapted to different business sizes.


    The cross-platform app development is seemingly becoming popular as the stratum of competition is surpassing higher up the order. What's more, without any doubt, React Native has been distinguished as the most preferred cross-platform solution for the creation of both iOS and Android apps respectively. With React Native, you can work on two distinctive Operating Systems utilizing a single platform. React Native likewise demonstrates supportive in building attractive User Interfaces, which can't be recognized from a native app. The React Native might be a popular choice, however, it isn't the best decision as it has a few disadvantages also. Therefore, we would be highlighting the major advantages and disadvantages of the React Native, with the goal that you can a thought when to utilize the platform and when to maintain a strategic distance from it. Advantages of React Native Known for Optimal Performance Obviously, React Native is a genuine resource when it comes to enhancing the performances through native control and modules. The React Native gets associated with the native components for both the Operating Systems and generates a code to the native APIs upfront and freely. Presently the performance enhances because of the way that it makes utilization of a different thread from the native APIs and UI. Large Community of Developers The Fact that React Native is an open-source JavaScript platform where every developer is allowed to contribute to the framework and it's effectively accessible to all. In this way, you can take full advantage of the community-driven technology. The support of a large community is likewise valuable as it enables you to share your portfolios and experiences so that you can go for better coding. There is one platform GitHub React Native Community, which urges the developers to share their experiences at whenever point they learning something new about the React Native. They likewise get the feedback and reviews on the same establishi
Graham Perrin

The Chandler Project Blog » Blog Archive » OSAF's Next Steps - 0 views

  • Being a CalDAV reference implementation is not a priority.
  • we will not be implementing CalDAV scheduling
    • Graham Perrin
      CalDAV scheduling is just one aspect of CalDAV; see
  • misperception in the press
  • ...17 more annotations...
  • the Microsoft product with the most overlap with our design objectives is probably OneNote
  • not trying to be a GTD specific tool
  • Chandler’s philosophy is different enough from GTD that it would be misleading to call Chandler a GTD tool
  • Chandler succeeds at meeting the needs of users who are tracking ‘knowledge work’
  • Chandler is not oriented around calendaring per se or around a complicated task and project landscape with many dependencies
  • we want Chandler to be more viral. We want Chandler to be easy to explain to others. We want Chandler to be found in contexts where people are already spending time. We want Chandler to be
  • even more useful as that user pulls in other people to collaborate
  • We want happy users be successful evangelists for Chandler
  • web widgets that might be deployed in different contexts — iGoogle, Facebook, on an iPhone, etc.
  • widgets should be compelling to a new user who does not use the desktop, in addition to providing features that complement the desktop. Eventually, the widgets can be building blocks
  • the user problem we are serving is an emerging market
  • there isn’t a shared, public vocabulary to describe what we’re doing
  • Our best articulation of our core value to date is: Chandler is a way to manage and collaborate on ideas using: A List View built around the idea of the Triage Workflow A Calendar View Chandler Hub Sharing Service
  • Better product messaging so that people understand what ‘user problem’ we’re trying to solve and how we’re trying to solve it.
  • more ways to get data in and out
  • web widgets (in the browser, on mobile devices and on the desktop)
  • We’re not looking to be a cheaper alternative to Outlook/Exchange. This means we’re not investing in support for free/busy-style scheduling. We’re not looking to be the ‘everyman’s’ version of Microsoft Project or Bug and Ticket-Tracking systems. This means we’re not investing in support for complex task and Project management, e.g. task dependencies, tracking percent done, time estimates, robust support for assigning tasks, etc. We’re also not going to be implementing the GTD methodology.
    February 6th, 2008 at 11:17 pm
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Janos Haits

smartQ - workflow visualization, agile project management, task tracking and team collaboration app - 0 views

    smartQ is an agile project management app built around a visual task board. It allows you to easily distribute work, track its progress and collaborate with your team online. smartQ can track tasks, issues, tickets - it is customizable to fit any workflow.

Web 2.0 teaching tools to enhance education and learning - Edjudo - 0 views

    A comprehensive list of the best web 2.0 tools and links, sorted via category, for teaching and learning with technology. tools for 3D webs, tags, photo editing, online storage, animations, blogging and lots more
Mark -

Communicate Corporate Benefits of Enterprise 2.0 Network Effects - 0 views

  • The challenge I have been running into is convincing CTOs, CIOs and CKOs that there are network effects. These people have invested heavily in pre-Web 2.0 "knowledge management" solutions. They view blogs and wikis as a threat to the possible success of their existing investments. They fail to realize that adding a wider range of productivity tools to the Intranet will add value to existing tools, rather than take away from them.Do you have any suggestions on how to communicate this.
  • A short answer to your question is that in such cases an appeal to corporate competitiveness might make the most sense. Enterprise Web 2.0 (or to use the emerging enterprise 2.0 tag) evangelists such as Andrew McAfee and Dion Hinchcliffe are always on the lookout for corporate success stories to publicize. I'd pay close attention to what they have to say. Often in public presentations they are challenged by corporate audiences to "prove that this stuff works." They always like to point to public examples -- when they can -- in order to rise above the hype. Being able to point out that a comparable or competitive company "is doing X already - why aren't we?" can be a powerful motivator.
  • As a cost-conscious consultant I would first want to know whether the existing knowledge management system can be augmented with newer collaboration, social networking, and relationship management features in order to extend the investments in infrastructure that have already been made.
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • In other words, what you often find about knowledge management systems built around content storage and retrieval (besides the fact that thay can be a challenge to maintain) is that their impacts may also be felt to a great extent in terms of how they contribute to communication and collaboration in relation to the content of the media they control.
  • centralize expertise, we're trying to make it possible to reach someone who knows something, no matter where in the company he or she is, regardless of whom he or she reports to.
  • When a staff member is assigned to a project, the project can have its own blog or wiki.
  • Integration of email based communication with the system and incorporation of tagging will also allow for email based intelligence to be added to the overall mix of retrievable information. For example, emails tagged with the term "Green Widgets"
    • Mark -
      This is exactly what I mean about loose, easy to use annotations then adding a lot of value in the enterprise cloud, without anyone really trying too hard or learning anything new. OL buttons, Tag field, etc. very easy
  • For network effects to occur, enough people, processes, and projects need to be covered by the systems, and the systems need to work together so that, for example, islands of incompatible email systems aren't created.
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Vahid Masrour

Online project management, Online collaboration, project planning: project Management Blog , Free Enterprise 2.0 Conference Pass, Social project Management: Another Point of View - 0 views

    interesting proposal... what's he got to say?
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Collaborative Program Management System - 0 views

    Pratham Vision Collaborative project management system company is a method used to plan, coordinate, control, and monitor distributed and complex projects. It enables project experts teams to collaborate across departmental, corporate, and national boundaries and to master growing project complexity.

Reasons why React Native Is the Future of Hybrid App Development - TI Technologies - 0 views

    As the world of mobile apps is expanding beyond comprehension, demand for better and faster apps shoot up. We need applications that perform easily, have a magnificent look, simple to create, and can be implemented rapidly. All these necessities are difficult to satisfy as high performance, related to native apps, set aside enough time for the advancement. Then again, faster deployment, related with cross-platform applications, trade-off, no less than a bit, on performance. Therefore, aching for better languages, tools that help top-notch hybrid apps development, and frameworks keep developers on their toes. One such resolution, which quickly changing the universe of versatile applications is Facebook's React Native. It is a JavaScript library to assemble a UI that enables you to make versatile mobile applications and work easily as native apps. It even gives you a chance to reuse the code over the web and mobile platforms. You don't have to develop for Android and iOS, independently, as one code is sufficient for both the platforms, saving money and time. Let's look at some reasons that point towards React Native taking the center stage in the future. Supports Both iOS & Android - 'Supportive' Because of the two different operating systems which are majorly being used by the customers across the world, the primary challenge for the mobile app development companies is to choose one ahead of the other. But Facebook made it easy by introducing React Native. It supports both iOS and Android making it convenient for the app developers to use the same code for both the platforms without writing it from the scratch. Reusability for better development What makes us to state that REACTS is the eventual fate of application development? It is the reusability of the components. You don't have the web view components anymore for hybrid apps with React native. The essential code for this framework will easily be reused within the native apps, and you'll easily compile it
Mike P

Projecturf - Project-Based Project Management by Rareview Interactive - 0 views

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Ako Z°om

Basecamp - 0 views

    the free solutions like basecamp .. project management
    perhaps there are other basecamp like for projects management ... which one ? which free ?
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Ako Z°om

What Project Management Software is available for free on the Project - 0 views

    un ensemble d'outils free pour le management...
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Janos Haits

Save Google Wave! - 0 views

    If you think that Google Wave should be saved give us a Thumbs Up!\nWhen we heard the news about Google Wave being shut down, we were devastated. Google Wave is an invaluable tool that we use every day to keep track and collaborate on projects (in real-time).
Benjamin Jörissen

TWiki - the Open Source Enterprise Wiki and Web 2.0 Application Platform - 4 views

  • Welcome to TWiki, a flexible, powerful, and easy to use enterprise collaboration platform and knowledge management system. It is a Structured Wiki, typically used to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, or any other groupware tool, on an intranet or on the internet. project content can be created collaboratively by using just a browser. Users without programming skills can create project applications. Developers can extend the functionality of TWiki with Plugins.
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Michael Nezet

LibreSource | Plateforme collaborative - Collaborative work made easy - 0 views

    LibreSource is an Open Source web portal, gathering in one place all the necessary tools to share and communicate within your web team. Développé par des universités Fr !
Nilas Jensen

Project Management Software, Planning Software, Project Based Project Management: Wrike! - 0 views

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Jamil Silva

侦 碵 ø&ecirc - 0 views


easy facil bookmark

started by Jamil Silva on 21 Sep 11 no follow-up yet
Janos Haits

Khula Project - 0 views

    Build user trust in cloud services through clear understanding of how information is used. We are simplifying complex legal documents to clearly convey how your information is shared and controlled.
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