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Antoine Bertier

Adobe Presenter 7 for Microsoft PowerPoint - Review - 0 views

    Convert your PowerPoint PowerPoint to flash !
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Trail of Tears - Native Americans in Olden Times for Kids - 0 views

  • advertisement The US government passed a law in 1830 called the Indian Removal Act
  • force Indian tribes to vacate their land and move to reservation lands
  • tribes did not want to leave their land.
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  • The Cherokee, like other tribes and nations, were told to leave
  • The Cherokee refused to leave
  • Cherokee took their case to the US Supreme Court. And they won
  • President Andrew Jackson ignored the Supreme Court ruling. He directed t
  • he US Army to capture all the Cherokee they could find and force them to move
  • Army followed the president's direction. The Supreme Court did nothing.
  • Cherokee had to walk the whole way. They walked through rain and cold and incredible heat. More than 4000 Cherokees died on the journey. That is why this forced eviction was called "The Trail of Tears."
  • Trail of Tears (Presentations, maps) Lesson Plan with information: Sequoyah and the Trail of Tears Free Presentations in Presentation format Free Games about Native Americans Free Clip Art for Native Americans Return to Native Americans in Olden Times
  • All Rights Reserved
  • Phillip Martin
  • Clip Art Credit
  • Have a great year!
César E. Concepción-Acevedo

Powerpoint: Create web-based Powerpoints at Preezo - Lifehacker - 0 views

  • Create web-based presentations at Preezo
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Ako Z°om

SlideShare » FAQs » SlideCast (share powerpoint powerpoints online, slideshows, slide shows, download powerpoints, widgets, MySpace codes) - 0 views

shared by Ako Z°om on 17 Apr 08 - Cached
    • Ako Z°om
      you have the slides, you have the mp3 about it ! ... lets agglomerate it to slideshare easily (?)...
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Graham Perrin

Live Meeting 2007 - Web Access Problems | WebProNews - 0 views

  • Results of Day One: Zero success in performing the most basic function of presenting a PowerPoint slideshow via the web access console.
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Mark -

Document-Centric vs. Content Centric - 0 views

  • Here are my thoughts on how to use a wiki page to collaborate on creating a non wiki page let say a powerpoint powerpoint. I am looking for feedback on this so feel free to add comments.
    A major challenge for many people is shifting paradigms from a document-centric approach, where the collaboration happens around edits to a document, to a content-centric approach, where collaboration happens around concepts, explanations of concepts and
  • ...1 more comment...
    Good page because it addresses (my biz need) to make wikis more firendly and integrate with other critical biz applications
    Major issue for biz users to deal with on new web 2.0 technologies. Many find it confusing, and will require lots of help and training to shift.
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Ultimate Stock

PPT - Are You Finding A Cheap Cordless Kettle In Your Budget? PowerPoint PowerPoint - ID:7349975 - 0 views

    In these days don\'t waste your valuable time to boil your water in a pot. Because pot can takes too much time boiling water and also they are looking unattractive pot. In this day you can be get better way to brew your tea and boil water than an electric kettle, if you desire to sit, get relax, and enjoy a enormous cup of tea and coffee. #cordlesskettle is handy and fast. Here are so many brands available through @, different brands, different material and they are also reliable with cheap rates on your budget.
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