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Maggie Verster

The Cloud and Cloud - 0 views

    "In the cloud of connections, we each become social neurons, mimicking the biological human brain but on a giant scale. This collective knowledge is far beyond anything a single search engine could index and archive. Intelligence is spreading everywhere, every minute, and cloud computing can draw new links across new ideas."
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Janos Haits - 0 views

    Collaborate in the cloud True cloud is more than just file sharing. It's about processing information and ideas together into a plan. Mindjet Connect uses the power of cloud to unite the vision with day-to-day work.
Janos Haits

OrganisedMinds ‹ Business Collaboration & Management in the Collaboration - 0 views

Vahid Masrour

Top 15 Cloud Cloud Apps - The BrainYard - InformationWeek - 18 views

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Discord vs Slack - Which team communication tool is the best? - 0 views

    Slack is a team communication and collaboration tool designed based on collaboration technology. It is an acronym for "Search Log of All Conversation and Knowledge."
Mark -

Communicate Corporate Benefits of Enterprise 2.0 Network Effects - 0 views

  • The challenge I have been running into is convincing CTOs, CIOs and CKOs that there are network effects. These people have invested heavily in pre-Web 2.0 "knowledge management" solutions. They view blogs and wikis as a threat to the possible success of their existing investments. They fail to realize that adding a wider range of productivity tools to the Intranet will add value to existing tools, rather than take away from them.Do you have any suggestions on how to communicate this.
  • A short answer to your question is that in such cases an appeal to corporate competitiveness might make the most sense. Enterprise Web 2.0 (or to use the emerging enterprise 2.0 tag) evangelists such as Andrew McAfee and Dion Hinchcliffe are always on the lookout for corporate success stories to publicize. I'd pay close attention to what they have to say. Often in public presentations they are challenged by corporate audiences to "prove that this stuff works." They always like to point to public examples -- when they can -- in order to rise above the hype. Being able to point out that a comparable or competitive company "is doing X already - why aren't we?" can be a powerful motivator.
  • As a cost-conscious consultant I would first want to know whether the existing knowledge management system can be augmented with newer collaboration, social networking, and relationship management features in order to extend the investments in infrastructure that have already been made.
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  • In other words, what you often find about knowledge management systems built around content storage and retrieval (besides the fact that thay can be a challenge to maintain) is that their impacts may also be felt to a great extent in terms of how they contribute to communication and collaboration in relation to the content of the media they control.
  • centralize expertise, we're trying to make it possible to reach someone who knows something, no matter where in the company he or she is, regardless of whom he or she reports to.
  • When a staff member is assigned to a project, the project can have its own blog or wiki.
  • Integration of email based communication with the system and incorporation of tagging will also allow for email based intelligence to be added to the overall mix of retrievable information. For example, emails tagged with the term "Green Widgets"
    • Mark -
      This is exactly what I mean about loose, easy to use annotations then adding a lot of value in the enterprise cloud, without anyone really trying too hard or learning anything new. OL buttons, Tag field, etc. very easy
  • For network effects to occur, enough people, processes, and projects need to be covered by the systems, and the systems need to work together so that, for example, islands of incompatible email systems aren't created.
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Janos Haits

Khula Project - 0 views

    Build user trust in cloud services through clear understanding of how information is used. We are simplifying complex legal documents to clearly convey how your information is shared and controlled.
Janos Haits

Office for Android, iPad, iPhone & Symbian » Quickoffice - 1 views

    The New Way to Work. This all-in-one, cross platform solution, lets you search, access, edit & sync your files across multiple devices, computers & clouds.
Todd Sundsted

Leading Marketplace for Logo Designs and More… - 1 views

    What interested me here wasn't the "marketplace" but the rules and structure that 99 Designs puts in place to help guide the collaboration between the contest holder and the crowd/collaboration of designers.
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Best Reviewers

5 Reasons to Prefer Online Project Management Software - 0 views

    Not sure why you should be using an online software to manage projects and increase collaboration in your company? Here are five reasons that will convince you to switch to the collaboration!
David Tan

Google Apps Roulette, Round 2 | ZDNet - 3 views

  • The real value proposition here comes from the absolute ease with which complete, ready-to-use solutions to a variety of business problems can be added to an existing Google Apps deployment
  • While Sharepoint and the countless Windows applications that already exist offer powerful solutions, Google Apps and its Marketplace offer nearly unbeatable simplicity in the cloud.
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Andy Sternberg

WeVideo - Collaborative Online Video Editor in the Cloud - 13 views

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tabraiz bukhari

taken tag tournament 2 - 0 views

Today we going to tell you about a high definition and a popular game named taken tag tournament 2. This game is a very interesting game and I love it. Taken tag tournament 2 is a new game in the s...

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