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Leon Aley

Galactic Magnate, a New Free Online Multiplayer Game - 0 views

shared by Leon Aley on 14 Jul 11 - No Cached
    he game enables Monopoly fans from all over the world to meet, chat in chatrooms and play together. Players can also use game's online ranking system to find out how well they are doing, and to track their progress. Galactic Magnate is based on Monopoly, but a few rules have been changed to deepen the strategy and minimize the impact of luck. To win the game, Players must use their wits and employ strategic thinking. Although the game is extremely easy to learn, it takes a lifetime to master. "Finally, there is an online Monopoly game having all the features that a Player needs to play comfortably. The new rules are well thought out and make the game much more interesting. It is amazing that this entire job was done by a single person who was so benevolent to offer the game for free" - said Stephen Gardner, a delighted Player. Kresimir Cosic, the only developer of Galactic Magnate is dedicated to continue improving the game, adding even more features in the future, and listening to suggestions posted by Players on Galactic Magnate forums.
tabraiz bukhari

taken tag tournament 2 - 0 views

Today we going to tell you about a high definition and a popular game named taken tag tournament 2. This game is a very interesting game and I love it. Taken tag tournament 2 is a new game in the s...

collaboration Women online web2.0 Adult Erotic Lingerie 2012 wishes games cartoon

started by tabraiz bukhari on 04 Feb 13 no follow-up yet

Android Car DVD Player for Ford Explorer GPS Navigation Wifi 3G Starting at: $501.29 - 0 views Model: HSL-CP-182G Newest 2 din android car DVD player for Ford Explorer, car...

Ford Explorer Android DVD Player tablet PC Navigation TV bluetooth 3G WIFI R

started by sunshine06 on 04 Nov 14 no follow-up yet
Filefisher com

Download VLC Media Player 2.2.2 (64-bit) - 0 views

    Download VLC Media Player 2.2.2 (64-bit)
Filefisher com

Download Media Player Classic Home Cinema - 0 views

    Download Media Player Classic Home Cinema
Filefisher com

Download Media Player Classic - 0 views

    Download Media Player Classic
Filefisher com

Download Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player - 0 views

    Download Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player
mac burty

Send Electronics India, Digital Camera Online, Send Electronics Gifts India - 0 views

    Sendgifts2india: Send Electronic Gifts India, Buy Digital Camera Online, Send Gifts to India, Send Electronic Items like IPods, MP3 Players, Music Systems, Laptop, Cameras with free shipping across India.
Clara James

Words With Friends For PC - 0 views

    "Download BlueStacks free and start playing Words With Friends fullscreen on your PC right now!" Play Words with Friends on PC now with app player for windows pc.
    Download Words With Friends For PC now free!
jasmeen jassi

Adobe pulls plug on Flash for mobile - 0 views

    US software maker Adobe pulled the plug Wednesday on its Flash player for mobile browsers, which Apple's late chief supervisory Steve Jobs refused to allow on the iPhone and iPad.

How to Become a Major Merchant Market Player - 0 views

    Here are some ways to make a name for your business in the extremely competitive merchant service industry.

informative-and-motivational/Career%20Management/15 - 0 views

    Choosing a right career is one of the most vital decisions everybody has to take in his/her lifetime. It is true that a life without a right job is just like a boat which has lost its way in the middle of the sea. So choose career related classes from informative and motivational at a convenient place and flexible hours. At the transition point in a child's life when they transcend from childhood to adulthood, a need arises where they are made to choose a career. Although this sounds entirely natural, in a country like India it's really not! Synonymously, after clearing their high school (10th grade), every student in India have to choose from three predominant options like Science, Arts and Commerce. In India, seldom do the students get an opportunity to choose their career according to their passion. Ultimately, with the influence of Indian parents; most of the students end up choosing a bad career under parent's guidance and pressure. A student, who has an interest in Humanities, is forced to take science. This not just leads to dissatisfaction but also to mental frustration and depression. ROLE OF PARENTS IN CAREER CHOOSING Being a parent requires a lot of effort and sacrifices. This means, their influence in deciding what's best for their child is limitless. However, sometimes they can be overwhelming too. Often parents focus on the traditional profession which is "secure and safe" with regards to earning money and establishing a bright future. In this craze of making their child a Doctor, Engineer or even perhaps a Lawyer, they overlook and distract themselves from focusing on the interest of their child. In fact, sometimes parents become irrational to their child pursuing unconventional career opportunities that are deemed too "risky" for a stable survival. WHAT IS IMPORTANT FOR ANY STUDENT? TO FOLLOW ONE's OWN PASSION OR TO FULFILL THEIR PARENT'S WISH? As far as the question of choosing a suitable career arises, it's always imperat

Everyone has their Eyes on These 5 Players during the Match India vs Bangladesh 2017 - 0 views

    India has proved to be the brilliant home run for various visiting teams, and hence it is expected Bangladesh too will have a tough time played here. The only benefit they have is their familiarity with the surfaces unlike the earlier visitors including England and New Zealand.

Mobile Application Development- Crossroad Elf DSS - 0 views

  • With technology traversing at the speed of light, it has become a need to have a mobile platform for your business to be a player in this competitive world. If you are already having a good follow-through in your business, it's time to go for a mobile application to be ahead of others in the game.
Erzsebet Homolya

Wild Terra Online - Sandbox-игра в жанре песочницы на выживание Survival MMORPG с открытым миром - 0 views

    "Wildterra INT" - is a massively multiplayer life simulator in fully player-driven medieval world. Surviving in wild nature, craft, unlimited building, PvP and castle sieges. Start as a survivor - become a medieval king!

Chernobyl Terrorist Attack PC Game Download Free - 0 views

    Free download Chernobyl Terrorist Attack pc game. Chernobyl Terrorist Attack is pc action and fighting game with lot of player have different weapons
Graham Perrin

EVO Recording Player - 8 views

  • EVOPlayer
  • playback recordings made during an EVO meeting by the Koala recorder
  • ViEVO is started
    • Graham Perrin
      Not effective on Mac OS X 10.7.2. Workaround: before playback, use Koala to create or join a meeting with a ViEVO window, into which playback can be made. 
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Windows, Linux and MacOS X
  • converting is very CPU intensive
  • Even if all these requirements are satisfied, you may experience small desynchronization
    The best news in Canada and America click

Revolutionising the Consulting Profession: Techboard speaks with Bridget Loudon - Techboard - 0 views

    The consultancy industry is highly fragmented - $4 billion of the $6 billion management industry is freelancers and boutiques. We are working to make sure that these people can be found when and where their skillsets are needed. Our vision, however, is that we will be used by all players in the market, not just the small ones. We connect people who have professional services to those that need their help. The pain is particularly relevant to freelancers - but, that is a challenge in firms both big and small.
panga sandu

Exclusive Beauty Products | NuviaLab - 0 views

    This luxury online store offers health and beauty products from well-known and valuable brands such as Key Player, Health Spark, DS Laboratories, Newton Everett, Skinception. These products are designed for a broad audience - both men. as well as women who want to look great and live healthy.
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