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Joel Bennett

MSBuild ShellExtension - CodePlex - 0 views

    MSBuildShellExtension lets you build .NET projects without ever opening Visual Studio or the command prompt. MSBuild targets can be executed from your file manager...
Joel Bennett

Enterprise Solutions Build Framework (SBF) - 0 views

  • Sdc.Tasks is an MSBUILD tasks library which provides over a hundred new tasks for driving continuous integration builds, deploying and testing applications and much more. The Solutions Build Framework is a set of tools and procedures that represents MSUK best practice for developing enterprise applications. This includes continuous integration build; automated multi box rig deployment; automated testing; automated documentation.
    The SBF is the "best practices" for doing continouse integration builds, automated deployment, testing, and documentation. Sdc.Tasks is a library of MSBUILD tasks which support those practices.
Joel Bennett

Dependency Visualizer - Code Plex - 0 views

    Visualize inter-project dependencies from VS2005/2008projects (msbuild projects) as a SVG and/or PNG diagram
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