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Joel Bennett

Textile.NET - CodePlex - 0 views

    "Textile.NET is, surprisingly, a Textile formatter for .NET projects. Textile is a "human web text generator" ( that is useful for rapid web writings such as Wiki syntax or blog articles"
Joel Bennett - Convert HTML text to wiki markup - live preview - 0 views

    A Perl Module to convert HTML to any of the many pseudo-markups in use by wiki's and blogs, including Textile (see "Confluence") and Markdown, MediaWiki, UseMod, SnipSnap, MoinMoin, etc.
    At first I thought this could be the "back" part of TIM, but after trying it out on even simple example text, I'm a bit dissapointed. The nested lists, images, and URLs seem broken (although the links at least, work in Confluence).

    The worst problems are that it has no sense of %{style} span% or footnotes, and no concept AT ALL of tables.  It would be nice to at least get the {style} -- and therefore the spans -- working.
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