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Joel Bennett

xacc.ide - 0 views

    xacc is an opensource multi-language IDE written in C# ... it handles syntax highlighting etc for everything from Boo and C# to Ruby and Perl, to Caml, F#, Scheme and Lua, and even Yacc, Bison, Lex and Flex ... and PowerShell.

    It has project support for C#/C++, Nemerle and Boo, and Yacc/Flex, NSIS, etc.
Joel Bennett

SgmlReader 1.7.2 - Open Garden - 0 views

  • The original community around SgmlReader used to be hosted by GotDotNet, but is now being phased out.
    SgmlReader was a source reference assembly from Microsoft which allows parsing Html as Xml -- that is, it takes poor, and even invalid Html and converts it to XHtml and gives you an XmlReader or XmlDocument from it.
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