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andro mida

Google Translator - 0 views

    This article is about how to use Google translate and how to convert a webpage into any foreign language using Google translation tool.
jodi tompkins

Online Translator - Quick Translation - 6 views

    Select target languare and enter text inteh box above, then press enter. Maximum text length is 1,000 characters.
Rhondda Powling

Featured Videos | dotSUB - 3 views

    dotSub is another site beyond YouTube that makes available a wealth of video resources. This one is unusual in that it offers the facility for those who upload their videos to create subtitles in any language.
Isabelle Jones

My Languages: Parallel Reading with the Parallel Books app-A Way into Literature and Translation? - 23 views

Ann Steckel

lingro: The coolest dictionary known to hombre! - 1 views

    A site which embeds a website students are reading and allows all words on the site to be clickable, enabling a dictionary. Also keeps track of words you've clicked on and allows you to play study games with them!
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