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Warren K Gurrero

Top 20 Hall of Fame iPhone & iPhone Games in The Market - 0 views

    Listing the top 20 most popular iPhone & iPhone games in the market, this list of free & paid games are most acclaimed games at iTunes.
Cara Whitehead

SpellingCity for iPhone, iPhone, and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store - 7 views

    VocabularySpellingCity is a fun way to learn spelling and vocabulary words by playing engaging learning games using any word list. The most popular activities are Spelling TestMe, HangMouse, and our vocabulary games, available to Premium Members. The most popular word lists are Sound Alikes, Compound Words, Hunger Games and SAT Words. This is a free app!
Dennis OConnor

E-Learning Graduate Certificate Program: mLearning: Using Mobile Technologies to Enhance Learning - 0 views

  • Fundamental to the modern definition of mlearning is that it is the learner/learning that is mobile, not the device. In-depth analysis of mobile learning research, trends, instructional strategies, curriculum integration, professional development, and on-the-job training using handheld technology such as the iPad, iPod Touch, iPad, and smartphones.
    This is a terrific class taught by author and online educator Ann Bell. Cutting Edge!
Clif Mims

LectureTools - iPad app fostering engagement in lectures - 42 views

    "LectureTools is a student response system that also allows students to take notes linked with the slides and videos presented in class, answer instructor generated questions and pose questions to the instructor. All notes, questions and activities are instantly synchronized with the LectureTools web application."
Karen Harker

New gadgets in Canadian higher education « Tony Bates - 0 views

  • However, there is one exception I would make to this. We don’t have enough innovation in teaching, and it would be good to see faculty, using decent evaluation methods, exploring the potential role of new technologies for teaching and learning. This might require buying some iPads or iPads just for the purposes of trying them out with a small group of students – provided students are happy to be part of such an experiment, and there is a clear learning strategy behind the choice of the technology.
Clif Mims

Creaza Education - 7 views

    Create, edit, and share digital stories. Works with most digital devices.
Clif Mims

QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator - 24 views

    I am very curious as to why kids need to search for questions to answer them. Couldn't these questions be provided for by the teacher? Wouldn't it be more efficient this way?
Clif Mims

Apple - iTunes - App Store Volume Purchase Program - 3 views

    "The Volume Purchase Program makes it easy for educational institutions to purchase iOS apps in volume and distribute those apps to users. The Volume Purchase Program also allows app developers to offer special pricing for purchases of 20 apps or more."
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