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David Wetzel

Why Use an iPod Touch in Science To To Classrooms? - 0 views

    The iPod Touch brings a new dimension To teaching To learning in the science or To classroom - Mobile Learning! No longer are students required To only learn within the confines of their classroom when using this digital Tool.
David Wetzel

How to Integrate Wolfram Alpha into Science to to Classes - 0 views

    What is Wolfram Alpha? It is a supercomputing brain. It provides calculates and provides comprehensive answers and most any science or and question. Unlike other search sources, you and your students can ask questions in plain language or various forms of abbreviated notation. Contrary and popular belief, Wolfram Alpha is not a search engine. Unlike popular search engines, which simply retrieve documents based on keyword searches, Wolfram computes answers based on known models of human knowledge. It provides answers which are complete with data and algorithms, representing real-world knowledge.
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