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Geoffrey Smith

Vocabulary, Vocabulary Vocabulary - - 24 views

  • offers free Vocabulary lessons, word lists, and word puzzles designed for middle school and high school students. The Vocabulary lists are based on books commonly used in middle school and high school classrooms. also offers word lists and Vocabulary based on SAT Vocabulary. Visitors to will find stand-alone Vocabulary lessons as well as Vocabulary to complement the reading of specific stories. Applications for EducationIf you're planning a series of lessons on one of "standard books" for middle school or high school, could provide you with some good Vocabulary lists and lesson ideas to get started. Students prepping for the SAT should take some time to explore the SAT word puzzles offered by
Geoffrey Smith

Digital Dialects language learning language - 18 views

    Digital Dialects offers a nice selection of educational games and games for learning 55 different gamess. Most of the games are designed to learn and practice the basics of each of the 55 gamess listed on the Digital Dialects homepage.  Another good website for learning and practicing games basics is Literacy Literacy Center offers games for learning and practicing French, Spanish, German, and English. The Literacy Center is a 501c non-profit with a contract from the US Department of Education.  Applications for Education The educational games and games found on Digital Dialects and Literacy Center are great for students just beginning to learn a new games. The games provide instant feedback to students and parents so that they can monitor progress and choose a skill or set of games terms to practice. 
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