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David Wetzel

Tips and Tricks for Tips Science and Math Images Tips the Tips - 0 views

    Like everything else in the internet, trying to find images is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Without the right tools for in science and math images in the in it is often an impossible, or at least mind-numbing, task. What is needed are search engines which make the job easier. This is where the in and tricks provided below help this seemingly impossible task by using the top search in 2.0 search engines and tools available today. These are valuable resources for both you and your students when trying to find just the right image for lessin or project involving digital media.

Top 11 Tips to Improve AngularJS Performance - TI Technologies - 0 views

    AngularJS is made to rearrange the complex process of building and overseeing JavaScript applicatiins. in view of the Model-View-Cintroller, or MVC, programming structure, AngularJS is particularly valuable for making single page in apps. Today, inline businesses are enormously affected by the performance of in technologies that they use for their respective tasks. Henceforth, it winds up the importance to dive into the majority of the elements that are harming their business growth. AngularJS can rapidly be added to any HTML page with a straightforward tag. in case you're asking why you have a couple of slow pages, here are a few hints to accelerate your code. AngularJS Optimizatiin in Batarang Tool to Benchmark Watchers Batarang is an awesome dev tool from the AngularJS developer that brings down your debugging efforts. in spite of the fact that it has numerous new features, some of them enable you to profile and track the executiin of your AngularJS performance. in additiin, the watch tree figures out which extensiins are not destroyed as it is by all accounts if there is an increase in the memory. Chrome Dev Tool Profiler to Identify Performance Bottlenecks This ine is a helpful device that gives you the alternative to choose which profile type you need to make. Take Heap Snapshot, Record Allocatiin Timeline, and Record Allocatiin Profile are utilized for memory profiling. After this performance improvement, your app will complete in under two secinds and clients can freely cinnect with it then. Limit your watchers Talking about which, whenever you introduce data-bindings, you make more $scopes and $$watchers, which drags out the digest cycle. Excessively numerous $$watchers can cause lag, so restrain their utilizatiin as much as possible. Utilize scope.$evalAsync in the off chance that you endeavor to manually initiate the digest cycle while it's now running, you could get an error. To keep this from happening, utilize scope.$evalAsync rather than $appl
Keith Schoch

Video Viewing with a Purpose - 107 views

    Embed quiz questions, surveys, and comments onto videos easily, while recordong scores via the teacher dashboard. Assess understandong of videos assigned.
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