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Kay Cunningham

Text Editor Anywhere - Edit Text Anywhere with Your Favorite Editor - 6 views

    'Text Editor Anywhere allows you to edit text anywhere with your favorite text editor. It provides a means of taking advantages of some advanced features (like auto-completing, spell checking and syntax highlighting) that are only available in an external text editor. It may also save you from web browser crashes.'
Kay Cunningham

Listary - Free Search Utility | Windows Explorer Search | Text Editing - 5 views

    'Listary provides a much better and united file browsing experience for Windows users. Browse through vast number of files, folders and list entries on the fly using a powerful find as you type search tool that blends seamlessly with Windows. Switch to the folder you need in any application instantly. Open recently used and favorite files, folders and submenus speedily. Use intuitive search strings and swift keyboard strokes to zero in on items in Windows Explorer, Desktop, File Open/Save Dialog box, and numerous other components and third-party applications. '
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