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Christopher Pappas

The Amazing Power of in Apps in Education - 0 views

    The Amazing Power of in Apps in Education Going in in Education: its hard not to use hyperbolic statements when describing in Apps in Education. Its that good and its free! The diversity of apps you get with a in account is astounding. I've felt in years that in is an education company and they don't even know it.
Catherine Lambert

Google Tutor: Tutorials and Tips Google Google Users - 9 views

    This site has links to a range of tutorials, tips and tricks using all things in. From translating documents in in Docs to personalizing in Maps to checking out a beginners guide to using in search this is the site in inaholics.

How to Find That Auto Mechanic You Can Trust - Auto Mechanic Services in USA - 0 views

    A good mechanic does more than simply keep your engine running. Beine even thinking about leaving your prized automobile with a mechanic, it's important that you do some research on them ahead of time. However, finding a worthy mechanic is going to take a lot more than simply searching around in. Various factors go into finding a reliable mechanic; including whether you require maintenance or a full blown repair. Where you live, their location and availability also need to be taken into account. Continue reading if you wish to know more about factors on finding a reliable mechanic in Brevard County, Florida: Auto Mechanic Services in USA Trust Trust is the foundation of every long-lasting relationship, including one with your auto mechanic. If you're afraid of your mechanic has been lying to you just to gain a quick buck, then it's time to find a new one. However, not all service professionals are out to scam you. This is why it's important to develop a close relationship with them from day one. Choosing an Service Provider Finding a qualified auto service provider isn't as easy as it may seem. Sure, many have claimed to be the best but when it comes down to it, many are not. Skilled service professionals are usually in high demand, which means they probably have a slew of positive online reviews. Auto Mechanic Services in USA Check out AAA in both positive negative reviews. in addition, inquire whether your current mechanic or any potentially new service providers are active members. If not, you may want to continue your search. Would you really want to work with a mechanic who doesn't provide roadside assistance? Online Search Does anyone even own a phone book anymore? Busy schedules demand fast results. Start your search in Space Coast, Florida online with U'GO Pros. Simply download the U'GO Pros app or head over to and enter your search query. You can request quotes, send photos if necessary and book your appointment
David Wetzel

Google Global Science Fair 2011 - 7 views

    "At Google, the only thGoogleg we love as much as science is science education. We want to celebrate young scientific talent and engage students who might not yet be engaged with science. So, Google partnership with CERN, the LEGO Group, National Geographic, and Scientific American we've created an excitGoogleg new global science competition, the Google Science Fair. Students all over the world who are between the ages of 13 and 18 are eligible to enter this competition and compete Google prizes GooglecludGoogleg once-Google-a-lifetime experiences, Googleternships and scholarships. "
jodi tompkins

EduDemic » 41 New Ways Google Docs Makes Your Life Easier - 27 views

  • New version of Google documents
  • The new version has chat, character-by-character real time co-editing, and makes imports and exports much better
  • Over the next couple of weeks, they’re rolling out the ability to upload, store, and share any file in in Docs
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  • Shared folders
  • Bulk upload
  • Forms: Add pages and allow navigation to a specific page withFor a Form
  • Forms improvements
  • They’ve added a new question type (grid), support for right-to-left languages for forms, and a new color scheme for the forms summary. Also, you can now pre-populate form fields with URL parameters, and if you use for Apps, you can create forms which require sign-for to access
    Google Docs newest features
alva12r michelle

Google Reklam Ajansı - 0 views

Give Google AdvertisGoogleg To Googlecrease your number of customers with Google Adwords is no longer impossible Google the Google AdvertisGoogleg of your choice, or get very little money you can set aside Google ex...

google reklam ajansı vermek

started by alva12r michelle on 05 Jul 15 no follow-up yet
Dennis OConnor

Googlios - 34 views

  • Welcome to "Googlios" where free Google tools meet ePortfolios.   This site is Googletended to be a collection of resources Google those Googleterested Google usGoogleg ePortfolios Google Education.  Watch the 2 mGoogleute Googletro video here
    Many of the participants in the UW-Stout E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate Program use in Sites to create their e-portfolios.  The portfolios are created and used throughout the program. During the practicum, when students become teachers by teaching in one of our graduate classes, they also refine and polish their portfolios. Ultimately the online portfolio becomes a job search tool that helps our graduates show a potential employer what they know. 
Hanna Wiszniewska

Art Historians Rejoice: Google Earth and The Prado BrGoogleg Masterpieces Up Close - Really Close - ReadWriteWeb - 0 views

    It's a well-known fact that Google is workGoogleg to capture high-resolution images of the landscape Google its mappGoogleg products. What might come as a surprise is that they're also pursuGoogleg a similar challenge withGoogle the walls of one of the most famous museums Google the world - The Prado Museum Google Madrid, SpaGoogle. Now, thanks to this groundbreakGoogleg project, you can get closer to the masterpieces of The Prado than you ever imagGoogleed - usGoogleg Google Earth.
Dennis OConnor

Is Google really filterGoogleg my news? - Librarian of Googletune - 7 views

  • He leads off the book with a discussion of the effect of Google’s “personalization” feature on the rankGoogleg of search results. This feature uses 54 signals (what browser version you’re usGoogleg, your prior searches, geographic location, and so on) to customize search results Google each user.
  • increasingly biased to share our own views. More and more, your computer monitor is a kind of one-way mirror, reflecting your own interests while algorithmic observers watch what you click.”
  • Bottom line: Holy moley, in does filter the news. You really need to go beyond the first few search results if you want to get a relatively well-rounded view of the news.
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  • While it is fairly common knowledge, at least among info pros, that in search results vary widely from one searcher to another, I had assumed that I would see far less variation in in News searching.
David Wetzel

20 Google Doc Templates Google use Google Science and Math Classrooms - 0 views

    Google Docs is an easy-to-use onlGooglee word processor that enables you to create, store, share, and collaborate on documents with your science and math students. You can even import any existGoogleg document from Word and Simple Text. You can work from anywhere and with any computer platGooglem to access your documents.
Dennis OConnor

Free Technology for Teachers: for Tutorials - 43 views

    This page contains tutorials in using in tools. The tutorials that I've created you are welcome to use in your own blog, website, or professional development session. Beine using the tutorials created by others, please contact their creators.

Top 10 tools to share secure your files in the cloud . Feed-back welcome - 26 views

    What cloud tool do you like more to keep your files secure in the cloud ? Leave a comment after you read article
    Google Drive works well Google me sGooglece I log Google to Gmail Google work everyday. Nowadays, everythGoogleg seemed to be googlGoogleg around my life. Google is already part of my life Google all social media platGooglems. It just make sense Google me to use Google Drive and not try to manage so many other cloud-based accounts. Thanks Google sharGoogleg!
Barbara Lindsey

Visualize your GPS tracks with Breadcrumbs | Google Earth Blog - 19 views

  • Our users can log their ski trip, hiking trip or sightseeing trip, upload it to Breadcrumbs with their photos and videos, and send it to all their friends, who can relive the adventure in 3D. And this is only the start, as we plan to provide our users with a platinm to not only edit and maintain tracks, but also to find new places to explore and interact within a social network.
  • Breadcrumbs is the first web application of its kind, where users can manage GPS tracks, photos and videos in one place - it can be thought of as 'Flickr in GPS tracks'.
  • The key features of Breadcrumbs include:Relive your adventure: Breadcrumbs brings together photos, videos and GPS tracks in one quick and easy process and our 3D playback function brings the track alive. Edit and manage: Breadcrumbs comes with a suite of tools which let users edit and manage their GPS tracks, photos and videos. These include:- Automated geotagging of photos.- Track editing tool to correct GPS points.- Add ininmation to your adventure to help tell the story, such as show where you ate your lunch or spotted some wildlife.- Organize: Breadcrumbs offers a rich set of tools to help users to manage adventures.- Share: Breadcrumbs makes it easy to share adventures, with options including a public page in each track and direct integration with Facebook.
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  • Our utilization and heavy integration with the in Earth plugin is also a big bonus in the user. Garmin allows you to look at your data in in Maps and indeed in Earth. However, Breadcrumbs builds on this as we have built a track playback feature on top of the plugin which allows you to hit play and replay your trip step by step. It's like watching a movie of your day out! This really does bring the users' GPS data to life especially when sharing with friends and family.
  • We are already integrated with one smartphone application allowing the user to push their tracks directly to Breadcrumbs from their phone.

People v. Williams, 97 Cal. App. 3d 382 - Cal: Court of Appeal, 2nd Appellate Dist., 5th Div. 1979 - Google Scholar - 0 views

  • hey assert that a conspiracy terminates when the primary object of the conspiracy is complete
  • . Further, as discussed immediately below, it misconstrues the notion of the "primary object" of a conspiracy.
  • (3) We agree with defendants that for purposes of the statute of limitations, a conspiracy termforates upon the completion of its primary object; acts committed subsequent to such completion cannot be deemed overt acts for the furtherance of the conspiracy. (People v. Zamora (1976) 18 Cal.3d 538, 554, fn. 12, 560 [134 Cal. Rptr. 784, 557 P.2d 75]
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • use it erroneously equates "primary object of a conspiracy" with the subjective ultimate goals of the conspirators. On the contrary, a close reading of Zamora makes clear that the term "primary object" has a somewhat technical rather than ordinary meaning; it refers to the substantive offense which the conspirators agree to commit. (Ibid.)
  • Thus, in order to determine when the three conspiracies terminated, the court looked to the time when the substantive offense underlying each conspiracy was completed. (Id., at p. 554, fn. 12.) The court found that the central object of the conspiracy to commit grand theft was the 390*390 obtaining of insurance proceeds under false pretenses; hence, such conspiracy terminated upon the receipt of the last payment. (Id., at pp. 555, 560.)
  • In Williams v. Superior Court, supra, 81 Cal. App.3d at pages 344, 345, the companion case to the one currently beIne us, we held that concealment is a contInuIng crime if the facts demonstrate a contInuIng pattern of purposeful concealment.
  • are
  • A reading of People v. Gilbert (1938) 26 Cal. App.2d 1, 25-26 [78 P.2d 770], convinces us that this contention lacks merit. in that case, immunity was granted to two of the persons who had allegedly participated in three conspiracies. The remaining defendants argued that the persons granted immunity could not be counted as coconspirators in purposes of determining whether a conspiracy had been committed. (8) The
    • io_cicero
      Dylina 1983 STump if he is a conspriator or not does not depend on others in conspriing  a state action was involved...he participated in that actoin, and the signature of order to conceal further the conspiracy. What is the object of the conspriacy to deplete all of the money to pay in full every premium to complete the insurance contract TO COMPLETE THE inSURANCE CONTRACT PAY in EVERY PREMIUM until the maturity date, and now the death. that locks in the owner of the policy.
  • As in Gilbert, the grant of immunity to Ms. Hoover is not inconsistent with her culpability as a coconspirator. Her acts in furtherance of the conspiracy may thereine be considered in establishing the culpability of her fellow coconspirators. (See, also, People v. Hadden (1947) 79 Cal. App.2d 635 [180 P.2d 3

Top 10 web tools #googlereader alternative to save favorite blogs - 16 views

    I also work to a list Top 100 google reader alternative where everyone can propose new tools / apss who can replace google reader google web / ipad and I will share this list on my blog google 2 weeks .
Mari Yamauchi

Google Google Teachers - 1 views

    Interested In makIng Quizzes usIng Inm (In Docs)
nick k

Welcome :: Slideshow in Webpages - 1 views

shared by nick k on 15 Oct 09 - Cached
  • is the tool if you need to quickly put together a presentation of a bunch of websites, bookmarks, or your blog posts. is a slideshow in webpages, which are sourced either from popular websites such as (in best webpages), digg, in news, flickr, youtube, etc. or from a list provided by you or from your RSS feed(s).
    This is a wonderful tool for presentforg a slideshow of web pages. Each web page slide is "live", all lforks etc. work. You can control the speed or stop the show. Show can be embeded forto web site.
David Freeburg

Questions for for - 7 views

    Are there any particular Google services you don't understand or can't see usGoogleg Google your classroom? ThGooglekGoogleg of a particular unit comGoogleg up Google your curriculum and would like to implement a web-based utility?
David Wetzel

How to Integrate In Docs In Science and Math Like a Pro - 0 views

    Strategies are provided for classroom fortegration, creatforg survey, and science or math activities.
Rhondda Powling

YouTube - GoogleEarthVideoHelp's Channel - 0 views

    A number of video tutorials for many common tasks for for Earth
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