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Dennis OConnor

Online Education for Instructional Designers: Picking the Right Program by Lorna Collier : Learning Solutions Magazine - 5 views

  • Nicholle Stone is the program advisor and lead instructor for the online graduate certificate program in instructional design at the University of Wisconsin-Stout [] (one of two grad certificates UW-Stout offers; the other is in eLearning). While you can use the certificate courses at UW-Stout for the school’s Master’s in Education, there is no master’s specifically in instructional design. UW-Stout developed only certificate programs in the field because so many of its students already hold advanced degrees, says Stone.
  • Coursework at UW-Stout includes understanding learning and design theories, models, and instructional strategies, as well as hands-on work developing computer-based training pieces. The work students do is customized to their current job or career interests, says Stone
  • Before beginning your school quest, you need to figure out your goals, says Harris. “You really have to develop your own personal rubric: ‘What is it I am looking to do?’” he says. “There is no Good Housekeeping book where you can look up a recipe to find your ideal school; you have to determine this yourself, based on research and an honest assessment of your professional objectives."
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  • Harris says there is no credible ranking for online master’s or certificate programs in instructional design, so you need to do your research to find the best program that fits your goals.
  • verall, says Harris, what’s most important in picking where you go and what you study is “what you want for yourself as a professional. That’s going to be the most important criteria you have to come up with in deciding whether a program is a good choice for you.”
Christopher Pappas

Free eLearning and Instructional Design Books - 1 views

    In this post you will find a list of 49 FREE eBooks for instructional designers and eLearning professionals. If you have read any of the following books I will highly appreciate if you share your opinion with the eLearning community. If you know a free e-Learning book that is not included in the list please I will highly appreciate if you write a comment with a link to that book. It will be added at the top of the list!
    In this post you will find a list of 49 FREE eBooks for instructional designers and eLearning professionals. If you have read any of the following books I will highly appreciate if you share your opinion with the eLearning community. If you know a free e-Learning book that is not included in the list please I will highly appreciate if you write a comment with a link to that book. It will be added at the top of the list!

On Page Search Optimization Services | SEO Website Designing - Imgur - 0 views

    SEO Website Designing provides Off and On Page Search Optimization Services with all kind of tags & give some tips about web design for generating trafficImages

Web Design | Responsive Websites, SEO Friendly, Mobile Website, Web Designing Company in India, Lucknow, Bareilly, NRC, Noida - 0 views

    A good design should be facilitate users to get the maximum from the website; the website should not be there for its own sake.>At Jainit, Everything You Need to Build Sites and Apps with Pure JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS5, HTML5, Anjular js
Christopher Pappas

Learning from Harvard: MOOC story, pt2 - 0 views

    Learning from Harvard: MOOC story, pt2 Continuing my elaborate plan to take CS50x, the introductory computer programming MOOC from Harvard, and to share what I'm learning about quality online course design from the student perspective, this week began some real programming, complete with cryptic coding commands, and lots of time spent staring and/or cursing at the computer screen while trying to figure out exactly why the program wasn't working. (As such, you may notice a more negative batch of comments this time around). Let's see what this week had to offer…
aghora group

MEP Training - Employment : Education - 0 views

    Aghora Design Academy is a training Institute run by Aghora Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.The academy was entrusted with the responsibility of developing the new generation of technical manpower that can spearhead the industrial development of the state.Aghora Design Academy has been envisaged to be the grooming ground for the future engineers ,designers and researcers.
Jackie McAnlis

Colors for Marking Design - 0 views

    Melanie Perkins is the CEO for Canva, a remarkable online design domain. In this article from Hubspot, learn from her about color for marketing design!

Best website design company in India - 0 views

    AcuteSoft is a professional leading company provides Web Design, Web Development, Web Application Development, Content Writing, Website Content Writing, Mobile Application Development, Web Hosting, Domain Registration and software development company in India. We specialize in CMS, Mobile Applciation, Digital marketing and many more

Laddies Kurtis | Buy Wholesale Kurtis | Kurtis Wholesaler | Kurti wholesale Supplier Surat | Kurtis in Wholesale Rate | Designer Kurtis Wholesaler Supplier Surat - 0 views

    Textilebuzz is one of the best wholesale kurti manufacturers, readymade kurtis wholesaler, kurti wholesale suppliers, printed kurtis suppliers, designer kurtis wholesaler, kurtis wholesaler, long kurtis supplier, Surat, Gujarat, India. Buy wholesale kurtis catalog, wholesale kurtis in Surat, office wear kurtis, Designer Kurtis in Wholesale Rate, Cotton Kurtis Online in Wholesale Rate from the No.1 Wholesale Kurtis Manufacturer, Dealer and Supplier in Surat, Gujarat, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Mauritius, Fiji.
Amit Singh

Beer Mugs Online - Buy Funky Beer Glasses in India at - 0 views

    Browse out from our virtual design collection of over thousands of images, themes, wallpapers, quotation etc. Alternatively, you can upload your own artwork, image or favorite quote. Our designer will work with you to create an impressive bear mug and help you buy funky customized beer mugs online. Our team will design your custom beer mug exactly the way how you imagined it.
Samuel Tan

Design & Pedagogy | Punya Mishra's Web - 22 views

  • teachers learn technology not by learning specific computer programs, but rather by designing technological solutions to pedagogical problems.
    • Samuel Tan
      One core idea behind our professional development efforts must be to help teachers learn better ideation methods, spotting that idea that stands out and develop the idea into a workable solution.
  • little direct instruction
  • spend most of the class time working in small groups engaged in design-based activity

Salwar Kameez: the transformation from traditional to designer picks - 0 views

    Salwar kameez is an outfit that add up an elegant charm to the appearance of women belonging to different age groups. The style, pattern and design of the attire keep on changing but that never diminishes the popularity of it. The latest designer suits set exporters are constantly bringing in newer choices and that is playing a big role in enhancing the wide demand for the attire.
Aarshi Chaudhury

The Traditional Designer Saree Is Keeping Indian Women Fashionable and Trendy - 0 views

    Traditional designer sarees are a hot favourite now. Popularity of such sarees has rocketed in the past few months because it combines the goodness of both tradition and modern design.
jenifarjaf - 0 views

    How to work: 99 designs are a website, here you can purchase or sell your design with contest your luck. That means if you are a good designer so you can participate competitively in 99,, here you have a great opportunity to win the competition and win lots of money if your design is world class content.

web designing in chandigarh - 0 views

    Are you looking for professional courses? Your search ends here. Source Click Solution offers professional web designing course in Chandigarh, India
jodi tompkins

Roller Coaster Simulation |Funderstanding - 7 views

    "This simulator is designed for people who want to design their own thrilling coaster and educators who want to use a cool activity to simulate the application of physics by using an exciting interactive tool and access to a wonderful reference source."
David Wetzel

Top 5 Search Tools for Finding Flickr Images for Use in Education - 0 views

    The top five search tools for finding Flickr images are designed to help teachers and students locate just the right image for use in any subject area and project. Without these tools finding the right image on this image hosting site is often an impossible, or at least a tedious, task. The value of this site is its ability to provide digital pictures which are often impossible for a teacher to obtain any other way. Like everything else on the internet, trying to find something is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. This where the top five search tools become valuable resources for teachers and students trying to find images comes into play. These search engines are specifically designed to search the more than three billion pictures on the Flickr hosting site.
Clif Mims

TroopTube - 0 views

    TroopTube is the new online video site designed to help military families connect and keep in touch while miles apart. The site is designed for easy use, so you can quickly upload videos and share the simple joys of each day with each other.
Clif Mims - 11 views

    "Raytheon's MathMovesU is an innovative program designed to engage middle school students with math when their interest in the subject typically declines. Algebra, geometry, decimals, fractions & word problems combine with topics kids are passionate about; sports, music & fashion. MMU delivers math problems via games, polls and fun facts." " will supplement your classroom curriculum. It's designed to help middle school math students practice and improve their math skills. MMU combines stuff kids are into like music, sports & fashion with algebra, geometry, decimals, fractions & word problems."
Soniya Patel

Joomla Community Sites Development - 0 views

    Welcome to Joomla Web Design, we specialize in building community websites using the powerful open source content management system Joomla!. Joomla is an excellent open source content management system used to make powerful community websites. Though the process of making Joomla community site is still in its infancy, but the popularity is growing. At Joomla Web Design, we can develop a community site using different Joomla extensions.
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