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Michael Porterfield

The New 'Digital Divide' - 18 views

  • Now perhaps I got this wrong from the very beginning or misunderstood, but I thought the Internet and all these rampant technologies that have devices dripping off our bodies were supposed to bring us all closer together. Why does it feel like technology is coming in between people? As Jerry Seinfeld might someday say, "What's up with all this 'Technology Encroachment' into our human lives? Why can't we just live our lives without all these moronic machines?" We are not all closer together. We are further apart when we are talking on our iPhones. We are further apart when we text our wife or husband on our Droid. Don't you see, it is not creating any personal, human contact when we 'communicate' electronically? We can only be 'brought closer together' through direct human contact, face-to-face, where a handshake or a smile or a hug or a kiss can be personally delivered; no smiley faces or other emoticons can suffice.
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