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Dean Mantz

Future Vision Montage - 3 views

  • How will emerging technology improve our productivity in the years ahead? What opportunities will arise from evolving trends and global change? Microsoft has collaborated with customers, partners, and thought leaders across multiple disciplines to develop scenarios that explore how long-term trends, customer challenges, and emerging technologies might converge to improve our lives, both at work and home.
Clif Mims

About the 2020 Forecast - 2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning - 0 views

    This 2020 Forecast is a tool for thinking about, preparing for, and shaping the future. It outlines key forces of change that will shape the landscape of learning over the next decade. The forecast does not predict what will happen, but rather serves as a guide to the as-yet-unwritten future. It is designed to help you see connections among things that once seemed unrelated and to help you consider the changes and challenges that you are facing today within the context of wider patterns of change.

    Ultimately, the 2020 Forecast aims to provoke your own thinking about what role you want to play in creating the future of learning.
Clif Mims

Pop!Tech - 0 views

    A network of remarkable people, extraordinary conferences, powerful ideas and innovative projects that are changing the world.
Toby Fischer

The Currency Of The Future video - 0 views

    A vidie similar to Karl Fisch's Did you know.
    Such a powerful video, it gave me chills. Thanks for the link. I agree with just about everything in that video.
Clif Mims

ignitePhilly - 0 views

    If you had five minutes on stage what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Around the world geeks have been putting together Ignite nights to show their answers...
Clif Mims

Educon 2.1 - 0 views

    EduCon 2.1 is both a conversation and a conference. And it is not a technology conference. It is an education conference. It is, hopefully, an innovation conference where we can come together, both in person and virtually, to discuss the future of schools. Every session will be an opportunity to discuss and debate ideas -- from the very practical to the big dreams.
Clif Mims

NASA's Photosynth - 0 views

    Photosynth uses hundreds of standard digital camera images to construct a three-dimensional view of an environment or "synth". These synths can be explored much like a video game, allowing you to explore, zoom into tiny details, and see where the photographer was standing (or flying) when they took the pictures.
Clif Mims

Making the Shift Happen - 0 views

  • shift from the “computer class” mindset to an “integrated” technology program
  • very similar problems, very similar history
  • very similar ideas
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • same fears, concerns and questions
  • why isn’t there a common process or framework to work through
  • why isn’t there a common understanding of what needs to be done to move forward?
  • why aren’t more teachers arriving at schools with some background in this model of teaching and learning
Clif Mims

Pay Attention - 0 views

shared by Clif Mims on 30 Mar 08 - Cached
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