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J Black

Web 2.0 Web - Web 2.0 That Works: Marzano & Web 2.0 - 3 views

    Web 2.0 Web From Web 2.0 That Works: Marzano & Web 2.0 Jump to: navigation, search Master List of Web 2.0 Web "Y" Under each category indicates that this tool can be used with this strategy. "Free +" Indicates that the tool is free at the basic level, but that more advanced versions are available at a cost. Category Key: SD = Identifying Similarities and Differences CL = Cooperative Learning SNT = Summarizing and Note-Taking ER = Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition HP = Homework and Practice NR = Nonlinguistic Representation OF = Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback HYP = Generating and Testing Hypotheses QCO = Questions, Cues, and Advance Organizers Tool Link Desc Cost SD CL SNT ER HP NR OF HYP QCO Notes Ajax13 [[1]] Online Graphic Editor Free Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Requires Firefox 1.5 (or higher) Browser Backpack [[2]] Online Personal Organizer Free + Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Basecamp [[3]] Online Project Collaboration Free + Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Blogger [[4]] Blog Hosting Website Free Y Y Y Y Y Y [[5]] Online Brainstorming Free Y Y Y Y [[6]] Online Social Bookmarks Free Y Y Y Y Diigo [[7]] Online Social Annotation Free Y Y Y Y Y Y EditGrid [[8]] Online Spreadsheets Free + Y Y Y Y Y Integrates with Facebook and iPhone EduBlogs [[9]] Blog Hosting Website Free Y Y Y Y Y Y Exploratree [[10]] Online Graphic Organizer Free Y Y Y Y Y Y Interactive, pre-made graphic organizers that can be edited online Flickr [[11]] Photo Hosting Website Free + Y Y Y Y Part of Zoho Suite of Online Apps Gliffy [[12]] Online Diagramming Software Free + Y Y Y Google Documents [[13]] Online Word Processor Free Y Y Y Y Y Y Also contains Spreadsheets & Presentations Google Earth [[14]] Dynamic Global Geographic App Free Y Y Downloads to computer Google Maps [[15]] Online Ma
Allison Burrell

Teen Learning 2.0 - 0 views

    This tutorial is designed so that you can learn how to use the design of design 2.0 for your classes or for fun. * Each topic takes about a week to complete. * Each week you will will be introduced to at least one designsite [or 'tool'].( You may also get information about an aspect of digital citizenship. * Next, you have an activity to complete using the designsite. * The last, and most important thing you need to do is to post about what you learned on your blog. Topics: Digital Citizenship; Blogging; Avatars; Photos, Images, & Giving Credit; Finding Photos and Images; Good Manners and Commenting; Creating your own images; Creating Animations and Videos; Creating Documents and Presentations; Fun with Books & reading; Evaluating informational designsites; Online Sharing
Saiful Islam

Bangladeshi Web Hosting Company | Tuli Host BD| Domain Registration | .bd domain | Lowest Price Domain, Hosting and Web Web - 0 views

    Tuli Host BD is a website web company from Bangladesh with sole emphasis on providing professional and quality web web, graphics web, and multimedia solutions. We are professional, dedicated, flexible, experienced and affordable. Aesthetics, user friendliness, and functionality are built into all our solutions to ensure that your web venture is a success.
Carlos Quintero

SlideRocket - Create, Manage, and Share Presentations on the Web - 0 views

    SlideRocket is a web application that provides everything you need to web professional quality presentations, manage and share libraries of slides and assets, and to deliver presentations in person or remotely over the web.
Susan Oxnevad

4 Tools to Build Academic Vocabulary - 0 views

    Technology is an effective and engaging tool that can be used to improve vocabulary acquisition for all learners and engage them in the learning process. Technology resources can provide students with a variety of multimedia content to help them construct knowledge about vocabulary in a way that meets their unique learning needs. Technology allows teachers to design learning experiences that provide students with flexible learning paths. This post will explore some digital design for helping students construct knowledge about vocabulary.
Roland Gesthuizen

Guideline for External Use of Web 2.0 - 0 views

    This guideline is designed to provide specific guidance to Government of Canada departments on the use of externally facing design 2.0 design and services.
Pamela Stevens

Imagination Cubed - 0 views

    Great online collaboration tool
    draw, write, share, collaborate, save... very cool tool!
Susan Oxnevad

Open School ePortfolios for Authentic Assessment - 0 views

    I have been an advocate for using ePortfolios for authentic assessment for quite some time. While I have made several attempts to help teachers learn to design and mange ePortfolios using a variety of digital design to accomplish the task, I've discovered that teachers don't always have the time or patience to see it through. I've come to the conclusion that if we are going to use ePortfolios as a standard assessment tool, the teacher buy-in needs to begin with a tool that is easy to use. Fortunately, I have recently discovered Open School ePortfolio and I am excited about potential for success it offers.
David Wetzel

What Does the Online Digital Footprint in Your Classroom Look Like? - 0 views

    In contrast to the digital footprint you use for your personal learning network, this focus is on the online digital footprint students' use in your science or math classroom. The power of a well designed digital footprint brings the capacity to transform a classroom into an online learning community. Within this community your students use digital design to create and develop a personal learning network.
Evelyn Izquierdo

Come join Podcasting for the ESL/EFL Classroom - 20 views

Hi all! Happy New Year! Here is an invitation for you. Come join Podcasting for the ESL/EFL Classroom, a totally free, 5-week, hands-on, TESOL - Electronic Village Online (EVO) workshop aimed at ...

podcasting web2.0 technology tools resources Teaching learning

started by Evelyn Izquierdo on 05 Jan 12 no follow-up yet
Jerry Self

Summer Institute - 0 views

Professional Development workshops teaching web2.0

started by Jerry Self on 10 Feb 13 no follow-up yet
Randy Rodgers

Make iOS and Flash Games with StencylWorks - 0 views

    Free software lets students design games in Flash or iOS modes. Games can be tested in iDevices or in Stencyl Lite software (Mac only for testing software; all platforms for design). Subscription allows submission to iTunes store. Built on Scratch.
Angel Lee

Advantages of Joomla Website Web - 1 views

Joomla CMS has commonly become the major resource of many kind of websites as it differentiates cms from back-end maintenance of web web. Joomla is one of the most generally used CMS in the whol...

web2.0 technology tools resources collaboration science

started by Angel Lee on 08 Jan 13 no follow-up yet
Judy Robison

Language Learning by iPod: An Emerging Model | Research & Articles - 35 views

  • What we see in these podcasts are some best practices - using social web web to enhance online language learning and innovative approaches to utilizing podcasting for educational goals.  While language learning has been around as long as human beings have spoken more than one tongue, the model here is uniquely webed for the web 2.0 world. Static lesson content is transformed into 'lesson events' by focusing student attention around specific content and encouraging student involvement to further enhance the originally webed lesson.  Podcasts, with their conversational nature, rapid publication cycle and modular architecture can further transform learning into an engaging, fresh and personalized experience. This actually takes steps into Learner 2.0 where the learner changes their experiences and behaviors through a collaborative process as they interact with the content, other users, and the instructors.
    Commentary on using podcasts to teach language.
Angel Lee

Hire Magento Developer To Nourish Your Online Business - 1 views

People might think that as there are many content management system platforms for web webing and creating web sites, why all are opting for web developers for hire? If you are also searching for...

Web2.0 Technology tools resources collaboration video Science

started by Angel Lee on 05 Feb 13 no follow-up yet
fabrizio bartoli

Lore. Learn more. - 31 views

    Lore is created for instructors to design their own MOOC type courses without needing adoption by a whole school or district. YOUR CLASSROOM IS A COMMUNITY Create a course designsite with assignments, calendar, syllabus, and discussion design.
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