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Sheri Edwards

Cell phones in education - 53 views

Another free resource that will have your kids texting away on their phones is PollEverywhere. I put a link in my tiny (so far) list of bookmarks. I have used Polleverywhere a few times in class ...

technology teaching cell phones

Maggie Tsai

Online Teaching and Learning: Makin' Whuffie - 0 views

  • A sense of community is created where people have a common goal, such as a project, or can benefit from working together. One of those benefits is social capital, as mentioned above. Another is increased learning.
  • Members of an online community gain social capital by making thoughtful or helpful contributions.
  • Members of an online community gain social capital by making thoughtful or helpful contributions. This can be made tangible by a rating system - some forums have thumbs up or down or voting systems for forum posts.
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • Social capital is a natural and logical consequence/reward of a student's (or anyone's) online behavior and contributions, and as such, it is a powerful tool for educators to include in their online courses to ensure student engagement and retention.
    • Maggie Tsai
      Good points. On Group bookmarks we have votes now. Will be adding more meaningful (ie. taken anti-spam into consideration) contribution attributes to reward user participation!
  • A sense of community is created where people have a common goal, such as a project, or can benefit from working together. One of those benefits is social capital, as mentioned above. Another is increased learning.
  • If you want to truly learn something, there is nothing like teaching it, so allowing, in fact encouraging, students to help one another solve problems, to teach each other, increases learning for both the helper and the helped.
  • A group can gain social capital by being proud of what it creates and getting positive feedback from other groups. A chance for students, whether working as individuals or in collaborative groups, to give feedback to each other is a valuable tool for creating a greater sense of community and engagement toward common goals.
  • Bookmarking, Sharing, Highlighting, and Annotating Online Resources:Diigo is a great tool for Educators, because you can form a group, and share bookmarks, which each member can highlight and comment on. Diigo is a fantastic tool for sharing resources and collaborating. Now, they have come out with Diigo for Educators, to make it even better!
    Thoughtful article on "social capital" Educator Tools and Links for Creating Community (and opportunities for students to develop social capital):
David Wetzel

6 Top Free Online Tools for Support Teaching and Learning - 0 views

    The six top free online tools were selected from available web 2.0 tools for teaching and learning using presentations, blogging, and bookmarking online resources. There are many excellent online tools available in these three categories, making the selection difficult at best. However, the selection was made based on reviewing available online resources along with other contributions and feedback from teachers.
GoEd Online

10 Election 2012 Teaching Resources You Should Know About - 0 views

    Election 2012 is all over the news and, with just a few short weeks remaining until the "big day," your students are probably asking tons of questions about this exciting process. If you're looking for great teaching resources on voting, the candidates and/or the Electoral College, you've come to the right place!
EdTechReview Community

How Do You Teach the 4Cs to Students (Part - 2) - Critical Thinking and Problem Solving! - 0 views

    This is the second of the series of four articles about teaching the 4Cs to students. Learn how to teach critical thinking and problem solving.
Kecia Waddell, PhD

History Teaching Resources - 61 views

I love this idea. The link isn't working, though. David Hilton wrote: > This message relates to anyone who teaches history and uses diigo. The availability of sources and resources provides history...

history sources resources primary sources

Tero Toivanen

How One Classroom Actually Used iPads To Go Paperless (Part 1: Research) | Edudemic - 53 views

  • “The technology used really help to enhance the writing and research process. Diigo and the iPads proved to be particularly helpful during the process of researching and annotating. Some minor challenges were presented with the use of this technology (writing with the IPads was a bit more difficult than typing on a computer), but nothing interfered with the process in a negative way. Some of the technology could prove very useful in the future.” 
  • Dropbox - This app allows students to work offline in the Pages app and upload their document to their Dropbox account with each new draft.  Pages does not support direct upload to Dropbox.  As a solution, students linked their Dropbox accounts with SendtoDropbox.
  • One of the earliest steps in the process was to have the students share a folder in their Dropbox account with their teacher in order to allow the teacher to check in on their progress along the way.
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • Pages - While there are less expensive alternatives for word procession on an iPad, Pages is the most stable option that will consistently be supported and updated for the life of the iPads.
  • Diigo Web Highlighter for Safari - As one of our goals was to take advantage of the web connectivity and social bookmarking, Diigo was a perfect solution.  Once the Diigo app is installed, there is a three step process to install the Safari web highlighter.
  • To access and refer to each other’s research, students had to access Diigo through Safari, not the Diigo app.  The purpose of the collective research group was to have students examine each other’s research and use the resources their classmates found in their final research paper.
  • Notability - Because students would still be conducting traditional paper based research, we needed a solution that would allow them to digitize and share their research.  When students found traditional paper content that was part of their research, they could snap a picture of the document and pull it into Notability.  They could then digitally highlight, underline and insert notes on the document.  Notability will also export directly to Dropbox from within the app.
  • Explain Everything - This step was a late addition to the process and allowed students to create video screencasting feedback of each other’s papers.
  • Students exported a PDF version of their paper from Pages and email it to a classmates SendtoDropbox email address.  This would place the PDF version of the paper into the classmates Dropbox account.  The receiving student could then open ExplainEverything, link to their Dropbox account and use the PDF of their classmates paper as the back drop to the screencast.  To share the video files, we had students publish directly to the teacher’s YouTube channel from ExplainEverything. 
  • the recent update to the Google Drive app that allows for in-app creation, editing and sharing of a Google document absolutely changes the landscape of going completely paperless with iPads.  The clunky workaround of combining Pages, SendtoDropbox and Dropbox in order to get student work shared with the teacher would be much streamlined by conducting the entire process through Google Drive.
  • As an alternative to the process of writing in Pages, collecting research in Diigo and storing documents in Dropbox, I would consider jumping to Evernote to house the entire process.  Writing, researching and sharing could all be conducted within Evernote.
    Great article about how to use iPad:s in projects, with useful tips about apps.
GoEd Online

Top 5 Benefits of Using Digital Teaching Materials - 0 views

    The way I see it, digital teaching materials have five key advantages over their tangible counterparts. These benefits are the reason why so many districts, schools and teachers are making the switch to using 21st century technology in the classroom.
yang hongmei

Diigo Blog » Announcing "Diigo Educator Accounts" - 0 views

  • Using the text highlighting combined with the sticky note feature, the students can be quickly guided to the most important information on a site, with a discussion starter or question posted on the sticky note.
    diigo use for education 有一些教师的评论 有一个类似的文章?信息发现---发布(publishing ?)
Dwayne Abrahams

web20tools - List | Diigo - 51 views

    A list of links to support the use of Web 2.0 tools for teaching and learning in the K-12 environment. (There are many items here, so be sure to visit the additional pages or choose to see 100 items from the bottom of the page.)
    A list of links to support the use of Web 2.0 tools for teaching and learning in the K-12 environment. (There are many items here, so be sure to visit the additional pages or choose to see 100 items from the bottom of the page.)
Kathleen Cercone

Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning - Emerging Technologies for Learning - 1 views

  • planning to incorporate technologies in their teaching and learning activities
    • David Peter
      It's more than incorporating technology. Or even planning to incorporate technology. Technology MUST be APPROPRIATELY incorporated and integrated into teaching and learning.
    Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning
Dennis OConnor

Tired of Being a Red Ink Slave to Corrections? - The Writing Teacher - Tips, Techniques, and Advice on Teaching Writing - 1 views

  • Dennis O'Connor previously wrote How to Introduce the Six Traits for The Writing Teacher, and teaches writing instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Stoudt. In addition to teaching and consulting, he maintains two invaluable websites: 6-Traits Resources 21st Century Information Fluency  This article is a preview of a free webinar that Dennis will be providing on June 2, at 2:00 PM Eastern time. If you are interested in attending the webinar, click here.
    • Dennis OConnor
      I invite Diigo users interested in writing, the writing process, and 6-traits to join me on the up-coming webinar!
    I've just published another article with the Writing Teacher. This one is focused on Editing and the writing process. Editing/conventions becomes an 800 pound gorilla in the classroom. It's often the only trait that get's any attention! Consider joining the free webinar on June 2, 2009 for more on this very topic!
Dennis OConnor

E-Learning and Online Teaching Certificate - University of Wisconsin-Stout - 0 views

  • Earn graduate credits via online courses and meet your professional development goals to be certified as highly qualified in the area of e-learning instruction and training. Candidates who complete the five-course graduate certificate will demonstrate the knowledge and skills to effectively teach or train online and serve as leaders in distance learning initiatives.
    • Dennis OConnor
      I invite any Diigo users to join our program!
  • Earn graduate credits via online courses and meet your professional development goals to be certified as highly qualified in the area of e-learning instruction and training.
Dennis OConnor

The Shadow Scholar - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 19 views

  • The Shadow Scholar The man who writes your students' papers tells his story Jonathan Barkat for The Chronicle Review Enlarge Image $().ready(function() { $('#enlarge-popup').jqm({onShow:chronShow, onHide:chronHide, trigger:'', modal: 'true'}); }); Jonathan Barkat for The Chronicle Review By Ed Dante Editor's note: Ed Dante is a pseudonym for a writer who lives on the East Coast. Through a literary agent, he approached The Chronicle wanting to tell the story of how he makes a living writing papers for a custom-essay company and to describe the extent of student cheating he has observed. In the course of editing his article, The Chronicle reviewed correspondence Dante had with clients and some of the papers he had been paid to write. In the article published here, some details of the assignment he describes have been altered to protect the identity of the student.
    One tactic is to proactively teach the nuances of plagiarism in an engaging way. Here's a link to a series of games that help all students (k-12 & Higher Ed) understand the issues. While these games won't stop the kind of abuses described in the article, they will help teachers prove they have taken the necessary steps to inform and train their students about plagiarism and plagiarism detection.
Steve Ransom

Educational Leadership:Reading to Learn:Can't Get Kids to Read? Make It Social - 33 views

    Explains how Diigo is used in the classroom to make solitary text-based reading social.
Tero Toivanen

Commons Sense | What my student think about the flipped classroom - 49 views

  • So the key points I want to make about the flipped classroom that I have learnt from my wonderful class: Students do learn how to manage themselves to make this method effective Making your own video’s really matters with respect to teacher contact and correct syllabus language/ style The right online question bank is a great tool for student learning (plus reduces stress on all) And finally …my year 12 IB Physics flipped classroom really works and so could anyone else’s.
    Could you tell us more about your online question bank? How do you have it setup, tool? Do you use an online quiz that provides more than one time to get the correct answer, hints to answers, and scores to students so they will know performance? What types of activities do you provide partnered with videos they watch? Thanks for your feedback.
    Thank you for your comment and really good questions. I'm special education teacher and I'm teaching severely autistic pupils. Comment in my teaching post is directly from the blog, so I think it would be better to make the question in the blog. There are already really good comments in there. I think flipped classroom is fantastic idea and I'm trying to find teachers in my school, who could try it. In my classroom it's not possible so far.
GoEd Online

Digital Classroom Savings Guide - How Much Can You Save? - 0 views

    Did you know that the average American teacher spends $443 of their own money each year on classroom supplies and teaching materials? How much did YOU spend last year?
Ehsan Ullah

How To Make A Welcome Tab For Your Facebook Page - Step by step - 0 views

    I'm gonna teach you how to make a stylish Welcome Tab for your facebook fan pages. Facebook fan page is great way to promote your business, website, blog or anything you do in your life.
emma jacob

Web Design Tutorials: 16 Extremely Valuable Website Design Tutorials - 0 views

    Today web design tutorial is known by everyone. It is uses in business to give their advertisements on internet. Like any other tutorial we have some steps to follow the basic task. People are preferred of using web design tutorials even using programing languages . Different lecture teaches us how to solve these problems. It is not so technical if you have Web Design Tutorials: 16 Extremely Valuable Website Design Tutorials. Unluckily, in many cases the tutorials are too technical or take too long in website design that new comers can become very disappointed and never enter into the fascinating world of internet marketing. Five steps for the beginners 1. Meta tags used on each web page. 2. Keywords added in keyword tags for each page. 3. Description written in title tags for each page. 4. Title placed in title tags for each page. 5. Content written on pages with related keywords.
GoEd Online

Kelsey's Tuesday Tech Treasures 8-7-12 - 0 views

    With the abundance of learning tools and technology out there, it can become mind-boggling to begin your list of likes, dislikes, to-tries and skips before the upcoming school year. Many things in the school system are changing at a rapid rate-from teaching practices to teacher-student relationships to students' behavior to students' social interactions with one another.
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